Sao Paulo Hotel Review: Blue Tree Premium Paulista

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I traveled to an event  in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and I wanted to do a review of a Sao Paulo hotel where I stayed while in town: the Blue Tree Premium Paulista and I’ll also recommend some restaurants for those who will be visiting the city. In this blog post I will write about the hotel with a complete review and in other posts I will recommend some of the restaurants I liked while I was in town, in order to have it all better organized here on the blog.
Hotel in Sao Paolo: Blue Tree Premium Paulista
I went on a quick trip of only three days in Sao Paolo and I had an almost full schedule, luckily all my appointments were near the hotel, that’s just near the famous Av. Paulista and the Jardins neighborhood. As I had several appointments, I looked for a hotel that was close to everywhere I needed to go, after all we hear a lot about Sao Paulo’s traffic and of how many hours you can be stuck in traffic over there. So, in order to not waste too much time in traffic, I thought that a hotel close to where I needed to go would be ideal.
And that’s when I found the Blue Tree Premium Paulista hotel in Sao Paulo, it’s located at Rua Peixoto Gomides, n. 707 and if you’re like me, who does not know anything about Sao Paulo’s addresses, it’s just two blocks away from Paulista Avenue and near the MASP (Sao Paulo Museum of Art), so close that the MASP was actually “my neighbor” when I was looking out the window at balcony of my room on the 23rd floor:
Hotel do lado do MASP em São Paulo
The MASP, view from the balcony of the hotel Blue Tree Premium Paulista from the room I stayed.

• Hotel in Sao Paulo: Blue Tree Premium Paulista

Blue Tree Premium Paulista
The Blue Tree Premium Paulista is close to Paulista Avenue (Av. Paulista), even for those who are not going to Sao Paulo on business, but if you want to stay in a well located neighborhood, the hotel has a great location. The region has shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and it’s not far from another super famous street in SP, the Oscar Freire.
Sao Paulo hotel in Brazil
I stayed in the Deluxe Premier Twin apartment of this hotel in Sao Paulo, which has two beds and it’s very spacious with a desk, an armchair and a decoration that mixes a bit from classic to modern. The bathroom is also spacious with large mirror and a great shower and bath. With TV and wi-fi, I definitely had a warm and comfortable stay at the hotel.
The hotel also has a restaurant and it serves breakfast, I didn’t had time to check the hotel restaurant during lunch and dinner, because I had a few meetings on those times as well, but I will tell you more about the breakfast in a second. 😉
Check out more photos of the Deluxe Premier Twin at the Blue Tree Premium hotel in Sao Paulo, where I stayed during a weekend in Sao Paulo.
Hotel em São Paulo - av Paulista
I found the room comfortable and spacious for two people and more our ladies’ suitcases. Very helpful to find a big mirror, but for those who love a mirror to check your outfit before hitting the city.
In today’s day when wi-fi is a required item, the internet in the room and throughout the hotel worked very well, even for videos and Youtube.
Quarto no hotel Blue Tree Premium Paulista
Classic armchair and a small balcony overlooking Sao Paulo:
Vista do quarto Hotel em SP
Hotel ao lado do MASP São Paulo
The bathroom was also spacious and with a big mirror and a great shower to take that relaxing shower at the end of the day.
Banheiro do Blue Tree Premium Paulista

• Breakfast at the hotel in Sao Paulo:

Hotel próximo à Av. Paulista - Café da manhã
I find the convenience of breakfast in the hotel so helpful, even in Sao Paulo with the variety of cafes and places to meet, you have several other meals throughout the day to enjoy the city.
In the photo above, mini pancakes with red fruit syrup that I had for my breakfast and, well, they end up being quite photogenic. lol
Café da manhã no Blue Tree Premium Paulista
The breakfast of the Blue Tree Premium Paulista hotel was in buffet style with a variety of breads, cheese, ham, fruit and cakes:
Hotel em SP
Hotel em São Paulo - Café da manhã
Café no hotel Blue Tree Paulista

• Leisure areas at the Blue Tree Premium Paulista hotel:

Hotel próximo à Paulista
The hotel has some spaces such as a swimming pool, a small gym and meeting rooms for those going on business trips to Sao Paulo.
Hotel com piscina em São Paulo
Hotel em São Paulo
Hotel próximo à Avenida Paulista
Summary of my review and stay at hotel Blue True Premium Paulista: I found the hotel with a great location in Sao Paulo, great area and ideal for those who want to travel with comfort and convenience. With a good variety for breakfast and fast wi-fi, I found a great hotel choice in Sao Paulo.

• Hotel em São Paulo: Blue Tree Premium Paulista
Phone: +55 (11) 3147-7000
Address: Rua Peixoto Gomide, 707, Cerqueira César • SP • São Paulo • 01409-001
Book your room at their website Blue Tree Premium Paulista or on

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