Custom Patches: 7 Amazing Themes to Decorate Your Shoes

Manu Luize
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Why DIY shoes are so hot?

 A good pair of shoes can accompany you for a lifetime. But in today’s society, more and more people are more concerned about the uniqueness and trend of shoes while pursuing quality. So more and more DIY shoe stores appeared on various platforms. These stores usually buy shoes of various brands or create them by themselves, turn the shoes into a unique piece of art, and then sell them. These shoes are one-of-a-kind, beautiful, and trending online. If you want to have your DIY shoe store just like them, then come with us to find out. These store owners create shoes in many ways, such as paint, spray painted, diamond-encrusted, etc. among them, the most popular are patches.

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The best are these patches are sticky on the back, easy to replace, rich and vivid in patterns, cheap, and more importantly, you can freely design them yourself, or invite their design team to design for you for free. Today let’s talk about how to use’s 7 different themed custom patches to create unique and hot shoes.

DIY your shoes need attention

Custom Patches

 If you want to decorate your shoes with custom patches or other decorative items in multiple colors, then your original shoe color is best to be of a single color: black or white are best, if your shoes are rich in color, you can consider using decorations that are similar in color or that look good together.

7 Themes custom patches to decorate your shoes

Anime theme

Anime Custom Patches
photo: GS-JJ.COM

Everyone likes to watch anime when they are young. Some boys love Spider-Man, and some even more heroes like Batman. Some girls like Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger or other cute characters. So why can’t these cute elements be added to the shoes?

Flower theme

Flower custom patches
photo: GS-JJ.COM

We all know that flowers are one of the most beautiful elements created by nature. From before to now, many people have expressed a strong love for flowers. Flowers are rich in variety and color, and they all look very good. Now boys are keen to send girls flowers. And each flower has a different name and represents different meanings. It’s a pity that flowers wilt, so why not consider designing a pair of shoes full of flowers? It’s more practical and unique to give to as a gift to girls, isn’t it?

Retro Themes

Retro patches
photo: GS-JJ.COM

In today’s information age, with the deepening of the culture of various countries, many people are more and more attracted to the retro culture of various countries. The most representative is the Chinese dragon pattern, which is mysterious and powerful, and very unique. You can also create it yourself, add text, or other patterns.

Food theme

Food patches
photo: GS-JJ.COM

You can also design food shoes for food lovers. You can integrate the food patterns of various countries, such as milk tea, sushi, pizza, and so on. These unique embellishments will make your shoes shine!

Text theme

Text patches
photo: GS-JJ.COM

Do you have a favorite proverb? Or a famous quote, or maybe the name of a celebrity you like? And what you want to commemorate the most, why not consider using text patches to create a pair of memorable shoes?

Sports Themes

Sports custom patches
photo: GS-JJ.COM

Sporting events have always been hot all over the world. For example, football, basketball, etc. You can design a pair of sports-themed shoes for these sports fans, plus various sports-themed patches, every sports lover will definitely love it!

Game Theme

Game patches

Gaming fans must be one of the largest fan bases in the world, so why not consider designing shoes for them? There are many types of games and styles, and the design themes are also rich and diverse. For example, the following Mario-themed game patches look very cool, and the shoes will be for sure very good-looking.

lapel pins

In addition to using patches to DIY your shoes, you can also consider decorating your shoes with chic custom made pins that will also make your shoes look unique and sparkly. is a professional gift promotion company with 20 years of history, in addition to these beautiful custom patches, they also have beautiful custom pins and metal decorations that can be used in the DIY creation of shoes, no minimum quantity of custom patch, and prices as low as $0.336/pc with free online design with quotes, order now with 20% off.

Do you have any better suggestions for DIY shoes? Let me know in the comments below.

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