Easy nail art tutorial

Manu Luize
1 Min Read

If you love an easy nail art tutorial, this one is for you! Even if you don’t have any experience with nail art, I found something called water nail decals, which makes our lives much easier!

They are like a temporary tattoo for our nails, it’s so easy to apply to create beautiful nail art that looks like you spent hours to do it, but actually, you can have it done in something like 5 minutes.

Here’s the video tutorial on how to do this super easy feather nail art:

I’m not a big fan of exaggerated designs for my nails, but once in a while, I love to create something different with a cute or elegant nail art. And this solutions is perfect when you want to do something fast at home.

You can find this and many other fast tutorials I created on my Pinterest/manuluize profile.

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