Face Foam Cleanser Pura by Physio Natura (Review)

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Let’s talk about the face foam cleanser Pura by Physio Natura, an Italian eco-friendly brand, with a full review of this face cleanser. First I need to mention that face foam cleaners are actually my favorite kind of face cleanser, I just love this kind of texture and how it feels and washes on the face.

So whenever I try a new foam cleanser, I’m very happy to do so. And this Physio Natura cleanser is a part of their new line Pura launched by the end of last year and I actually have been trying this foam cleanser since last October, which means for 5 months morning and night. That’s actually a very long time for me to try a skincare product, but I was enjoying it so much that I even forgot to review other cleansers I had at home. 😅

So here you have some details about the Pura Face Foam Cleanser and why I’ve been liking it so much.

• Face Foam Cleanser Pura by Physio Natura Cosmetici:

Face Foam Cleaner Pura by Physio Natura

The Pura line was created thinking about how we clean the skin, scrub and hydrate the skin. This foam cleanser is the first product I tried from this line (I still didn’t try other products, but after liking this one, I’ll definitely do it in the near future).

The Pura Face Cleansing Foam is a soft mousse recommended for impure, oily, and combination skin. I’m part of the oily skin team, especially during the warmer months of the year. During the winter my skin isn’t so oily and can even get some small dry spots if it’s too cold. So this foam was a really good match for my skin, during the warmer days it was good for the skin (in December I spent almost one month in Brazil, where it’s summer in December 😉 ), but also during the cold months of the winter, I was also able to use it without feeling my skin dry.

This is a soft face cleansing foam formulated with 97% of the ingredients naturally derived. The active ingredients are from elderberry flowers, rhatany, and burdock, which have a purifying action to easily clean your skin and prevent the accumulation of impurities.

Apart from that, this cleanser also contains provitamin B5 for moisturizing and soothing the skin. Here’s a photo of the texture of this foam cleanser by Physio Natura:

Physio Natura Face Foam Cleanser

You can use it both morning and night as part of your skincare routine. I do cleanser at both times and Pura is very soft to be used at both times and leaves your skin clean, without feeling dry.

When using it in the morning it left me a fresh and soft skin sensation. When using it in the evening, you can use it by itself if you didn’t wear any makeup, or you can use it after your makeup remover. I did some tests after removing makeup with an oil makeup remover that leaves my skin oily, and after using the cleanser, my skin was clean and soft again, with no feeling of the oil remover used before.

Pura cleansing foam - Physio Natura

I would say it’s also a good face cleanser for acne-prone skin, during December and the beginning of this year I’ve been dealing with acne and started to use a potent acne serum recommended by my dermatologist, I continued to use this mousse cleanser and could say this cleanser didn’t cause me any problem. So I would say it’s soft and also ok for acne-prone skin.

Check below the ingredients list of this product for any allergies.

• ingredients of the Pura Cleansing Foam by Physio Natura:

Ingredients Physio Natura cleansing foam

* I received this product for free from the brand, but as always, all opinions are my sincere and real opinions after using a product, regardless if I bought it or received it for free from some brand.

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