Femme Luxe Finery Haul: Loungewear sets and more

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Who said that stay home outfits need to be boring? In this Femme Luxe Finery haul you will check 3 loungewear sets that you can copy now to stay home with a comfy outfit, but also a cute one! And + 3 items for finally going out of the house!

So during all this crazy and unusual situation of a completely unexpected lockdown in so many places, loungewear just became one of the latest fashion trends of this year. We can already start to go back to our normal life and go out, but the loungewear trend is definitely staying!

Green loungewear set by Femme Luxe Finery

And I’m loving loungewear sets, they are so comfortable and easy to wear at the house, but they are also perfect if you need to run errands last minute. Just add a pair of shoes, even a pair of high heels can be styled with a loungewear set for a more fancy look!

I liked this loungewear set so much that I actually got it in two shades of green! The loungewear set you saw above is in a light green shade with a cropped sweatshirt + comfy trousers.

Such a cute color for the spring days and nights at the house.

But if you prefer something in a darker color, I also loved this military green cropped loungewear set that could be the perfect choice when you’re in the mood for darker colors!

The model is just the same, with the cropped top + comfy trousers.

Want to see how the loungewear sets I own look on a video? Check my last loungewear video: 5 Loungewear outfits in 60 seconds!

If you want something more like a basic style of loungewear set, I’ve got you covered with the next outfit! The top is quite oversized, but the nice thing is that you can wear it oversized, but if you prefer, you can make a knot at the end of this top to make it a cropped top, in a more feminine style. Like I did in this next photo:

Nude loungewear set by Femme Luxe

Talking about basics and nude color, here’s another nude outfit with a mini ruched dress outfit! It’s a nice outfit for going out to dinner or for getting some drinks at the weekend.

It’s a short dress, perfect for the warm weather that’s already happening here in Milan! Milan’s summer can be really warm (and even hotter than expected!).

Nude slip dress

And being of such a neutral color, you can style it with accessories in so many different colors, like with a pair of red high heels like I did here:

nude mini ruched dress

Since last year, I’ve been loving the cropped top trend, especially since the summer is so hot here in Milan. And apparently nothing changed for this year, I’m still loving cropped tops!

For the fresh days and nights, you can still enjoy a cropped top with long sleeves here, like this white one that you can wear in so many different ways:

White cropped top

And a white T-shirt is always a must-have any season, especially one with a cute phrase like this one that says: “In a world you can be anything, BE KIND”. And I just LOVED it, so it had to be mine.

I love to style cute outfits with slogan T-shirts! For this outfit, I styled it with a pink check skirt to keep it super cute and summer-perfect!

Manu Luize Milano - T-shirt outfit

To give it a twist, I made a little knot on this t-shirt, to make it a cropped top. Which was not only much better for the warm day at the city center, but also made the outfit cooler!

Cute t-shirt outfit

By the way, since every time I post a photo with my new glasses someone asks me where it’s from, my glasses are from Swarovski. They are prescription glasses that come together with the sunglasses cover, so it’s easier that having to change glasses all the time. You can find it here:

So what will be your must-buy pieces for this summer? I’m loving the cropped tops, as I’m sure you can definitely see from this haul.

* This blog post is not sponsored, even though some of the clothes on this article were sent to me, as always, all opinions on the blog are always my own sincere opinions after trying any product/clothes or store.

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