The best 63 French manicure with design ideas for 2024

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French nails are already a classic, but have you ever considered a French manicure with design? They are French manicures 2024 with a unique nail art design plus a French tip. They bring a different color or an extra detail, in addition to the basic French nails. Get inspired by 63 photos of French manicures with designs for 2024 to choose yours.

Among colored French nails, with nail art and double French nails, choose your favorites. I picked the most beautiful and elegant nail art ideas for French tips, for those who love chic nails.

French Manicure Ideas with Color

The first option for French nails with design is the one in which we use other nail polish colors instead of the traditional white and nude polishes of the classic version. Here, your creativity is worth it, neon nail polish, vibrant shades, glitter, metallic colors, the combinations are countless!

French blue nails

Explore a delightful array of French manicure styles infused with vibrant or pastel colors. From pastel hues to bold tones, these creative designs put a modern twist on the classic French tip nail ideas, giving you a multitude of elegant options to choose from.

In nude with black French tips, pure sophistication in this modern French manicure.

With glitter, metallic nail polish, and dark or light colors, French-decorated nails are ideal for any season of the year, whether for everyday use or as a special occasion manicure. The ones with metallic polish and glitter are super elegant and festive for parties or for the holidays.

White and metallic is a very elegant combination for French nails, this is also called “inverted French” because instead of the classic white French mani, it’s done the opposite way: white base and colored tips. It also looks great as nails for brides or for special occasions and parties and the New Year.

Neutral colors like grey, white, and metallic nails are always great combinations.

French tip nail designs for summer / Spring

If you’re looking for spring nails or summer nail ideas, french tip nail designs are also a great option at this time of the year! Take advantage of floral designs, pastel colors, or vibrant nail polishes to add a special touch to your Frenchies.

If you love pink nails, take a look at this article with photos of the best 73 Pink Summer Nails.

French tip nail designs for Fall / Winter

brown French nails for fall
photo by the nail artist @avrnailswatches

When choosing French tip nail designs for fall or winter, enjoy fall shades and dark colors to create the perfect fall French nails or fabulous winter nails. You can choose trendy nail colors for this year such as brown and black nail designs to create your ideal French nail art.

French nail art design

In addition to the colored French in different colors, you can choose variations with different designs and ornaments for any time of the year.
Floral designs, polka dots, abstract designs, ombré, or even lace designs, the sky is the limit. Check out more ideas with a variety of beautiful designs to inspire you in choosing your next manicure:

Nails with leopard print in light colors are very delicate and cute.

Polka dots and polka dots are very common when choosing a French manicure with a design, you can have the dots just at the end of the nail tips.

Double French Nails

Double French nails (also called double French manicures) are what the name implies, instead of just a “stripe” at the end of the nail, there are two, which can be of the same size or of different sizes.

The double French nails are more delicate and sophisticated when both tips are thinner.

French manicure with rhinestones

Elevate your style with a French manicure adorned with rhinestones. The classic charm of soft, natural nails meets the modern allure of delicately placed gems, creating a look of timeless elegance with a touch of opulent glamour. Whether you prefer a subtle shimmer or a bold statement, this type of nail art is the perfect blend of sophistication and sparkle, making your fingertips truly enchanting.

Simple French manicure with designs

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