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Are you ready to learn how to dress in the Parisian chic style? The French style gets so effortless chic in the Parisian style and today I’ll show you how to achieve this style with french inspired clothing and an affordable fashion brand. Because to dress in the french way, you don’t have to go all the way to France. 😉

I already did a full guide on French Style here on the blog, now it’s time to talk about the Parisian chic style, a part of the French fashion, but typical of Paris.

Parisian Chic Style

Just last month I was in Paris for a weekend, and the city can inspire us in so many ways, from the small streets to the beautiful coffee shops, from art to fashion! The Parisian chic style was always known as effortless chic! With elegant designs, the French woman is famous for wearing nice clothes, and beautiful and elegant fashion.

I was invited by the website Rihoas to create a couple of outfits to show you how you can dress the Parisian way in an effortlessly chic style with affordable fashion.

I love the French style and the Parisian chic vibes, so I was totally up for the challenge. And here are two outfits to inspire you on how to dress in the Parisian style easily for this spring/summer:

Parisian style
Parisian chic outfit by Rihoas, get 15% off on their website with the code “Benachio”

For this outfit, I’m wearing this lovely plaid fringed hem mini skirt by Rihoas with this elegant v-neck drawstring crop blouse also from the same brand. Both are french inspired clothing that will look effortless chic together or with many other outfits.

The Parisian chic style is always effortless, it means it looks chic but in a way it looks like you didn’t spend much time getting ready. And I love this kind of style! And you can easily achieve it with key pieces like the two I chose for this outfit. They are both elegant but with an accessible style, and they are also very versatile pieces.

That means you will be able to wear this crop top with so many other bottom parts! From skirts to shorts and also trousers. It would also look great with my second outfit you will find in this blog post.

Parisian Chic style outfit
You can create your own Parisian chic outfit with affordable clothes by Rihoas and get 15% off on their website with the code “Benachio”.

Here’s my second outfit that I think is so Parisian and perfect to wear in any city around the world! I love to create a cute set, so for this outfit, I picked the crop top and the trousers with the very same color and fabric to create a matching set:

Blue plaid flare pants

What I’m wearing for this super cute spring outfit: the plaid flared leg pants and this solid plaid v-neck tank. Both are from Rihoas, and you can 15% off on their website with the code “Benachio”.

To create the Parisian vibes for this matching set, I was also wearing a scarf on my hair, which gives you immediate Parisian chic vibes for the spring! 😉

Parisians are all about being chic and comfortable at the same time, so you can wear an outfit like this with sneakers, but to make it even more French, you can wear it with ballet flats.

Blue plaid flare pants

Like I wrote before, you can wear the crop top from my previous outfit with this pair of pants, but also with a simple t-shirt or many other tops.

My Rihoas review

As I mentioned Rihoas is an affordable fashion brand you can shop online and you will find many classic French style clothing and Parisian chic outfits.

I was very impressed by the quality of the clothes since they are all affordable french fashion outfits. The clothes are done well and the fabric is also really good. The outfits will definitely help you create the Parisian and french vibes in an easy and affordable way.

Remember you can have 15% off on their website with the code “Benachio”.

* I received the clothes for free from the brand, but as always, all opinions are my sincere and real opinions after using a product, regardless if I bought it or received it for free from some brand.

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