How to Combine Chairs of Different Designs and Colors in the Dining Room

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In recent years, a new trend has come into fashion – to collect chairs of different designs around the table in the dining area. Such an idea will be relevant not only for a large dining table but also for a bar counter, as well as a seating area around a small coffee table. The lower the table is, the lower the chairs will be, which means that this technique can also be used in the case of chairs.

Why is this necessary and what is the essence of such difficulties as a combination of different chairs? – you ask. Everything to make your living room or dining room unique and unique. After all, finding a second such set of chairs will be almost impossible. Also, this trick is very good in case you like some pompous self-sufficient chairs, but the presence of 4-6 such chairs will make the atmosphere too formal or pretentious. That’s when this trick with different fabric armchairs comes to the rescue. Moreover, if it is difficult for you to choose any one chair because you liked several colors or design variations at once. Moreover, buying identical chairs and a table has long been unfashionable.

At first glance, it may seem that you can combine chairs as you please, but this is not at all the case. Therefore, after analyzing all the ways of combining chairs with each other, we deduced several rules. And we would like to share them with you.

Different models of chairs of the same color

Everything is very clear and simple here – choose chairs of the same color, but of a different design. Thus, you can collect all the most famous and hit models of chairs in your kitchen. You can also buy or order unpainted wooden chairs of different models from the carpenter, and then paint them with paint of the same color. It will be funny if each of the chairs is made of a different material, but has a common color with other chairs.

One model of chairs in different colors

Dining room chairs decor

This is the easiest way, since you simply buy chairs of the same model, from the same manufacturer, but in different colors. There will be no misfire here, because, as a rule, almost all furniture manufacturers produce chairs in colors that blend well with each other. In addition, chairs made of the same material but in different colors will look different.

For example, as in the photo below, all colored plastic chairs look different due to light refraction. If you need more chairs of different colors than suggested, you can buy pairs of chairs. For example, 3 color pairs of chairs or more, depending on how many pairs of chairs you need in total.

One model with different upholstery

As in the previous case, this is a win-win option, since, again, all manufacturers produce chairs in collections that have much in common with each other. This means that you do not have to spend a lot of effort searching for the necessary model, but with a different upholstery.

If, however, you are unlucky, and the store does not have a chair that suits you, buy all the same chairs, and later contact the furniture workshop, where you can easily change the upholstery. Of course, you first need to choose a competent combination of prints and patterns on the upholstery material.

Chairs of different models with the same upholstery

Such a technique, at first glance, may seem like an optical illusion. After all, you don’t immediately guess that this happens – different chairs, but with the same upholstery. Using this method, you get a complete laconic set of chairs. Many guests may not even notice the difference in chairs, because sometimes the differences between models are quite small.

Different chairs in the same color scheme and style

Applying this kind of combination is not only for professionals. If you have chosen simple models of chairs, you can combine them yourself. But if you have chosen unusual design developments, we advise you to seek advice from a designer.

Two chairs at the head of the table

What we mean is that the two main chairs at the head of the table will have one design and all the others another. Two main chairs will become an accent and emphasize the status of family members sitting on them. After all, as a rule, heads of the family, distinguished guests and elderly relatives sit in these places. In this case, you will not have any particular difficulties, starting from the principle – either in contrast or a similar combination.

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