Pearls choker + earrings by Grains de Verre (review)

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Grains de Verre is a brand that knows how to create timeless, bold, and elegant pieces of pearl jewelry that I’ve been loving! I first met this brand online and I tried 4 of their pearl jewelry pieces: two of their pearls choker necklaces, a modern pearl earring, and a pearl bracelet.

What I really liked about the Grains de Verre pearl jewelry was that they are not your traditional pearl pieces, forget about the “boring” pearl necklaces and be prepared to be surprised by special details that take this brand jewelry to the next level!

Pearl Chokers:

Grains de Verre Pearls Choker With Morning Star pendant in Silver color

pearls choker

The Grains de Verre Pearls Choker With «Morning Star» is a stunning piece of jewelry that any fashion-forward individual would love to add to their collection. The use of natural pearls in this choker adds a touch of elegance and class, making it perfect for formal occasions, but also versatile enough to wear with everyday outfits.

The pendant on this choker is made of brass with a rhodium plate and adorned with cubic zirconia, giving it a beautiful sparkle that catches the eye. The pendant design of the “Morning Star” adds a unique touch to the choker, making it stand out from other traditional pearl chokers.

Pearl choker morning star

This pearl choker is an absolutely delicate choker that’s perfect to wear to a formal event or to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday outfits, this choker is a must-have accessory that I will be wearing in all seasons of the year. You can find it here: Grains de Verre choker.

“ANNA” Natural Pearls Choker with Drop Crystal

pearls choker by Grains de Verre

If you’re looking for a stunning and versatile pearls choker, the “ANNA” Natural Pearls Choker with Drop Crystal Silver by Grains de Verre is a must-see. Crafted with natural freshwater pearls, this choker exudes timeless elegance and sophistication in a statement choker. The drop crystal pendant adds a touch of glamour, catching the light beautifully. But it can also be removed and you can wear the choker without the charm, making it a versatile 2-in-1 pearl choker.

Moreover, the “ANNA” Natural Pearls Choker is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or going out for a casual chic day, this choker will complete your outfit with its statement charm yet elegant appeal. The adjustable chain made from copper with rhodium ensures a perfect fit for any neck size, and the lightweight design provides maximum comfort during extended wear.

Grains de Verre: pearl choker

Overall, the “ANNA” Choker is a fantastic addition to any jewelry collection. Its versatility and beauty make it a must-have for any fashion-conscious individual who wants to stand out with a stunning pearls choker.

Asymmetrical Pearls Earrings with “Morning Star”

Modern pearl earrings

Asymmetrical Pearls Earrings with “Morning Star” is a stunning piece of jewelry that combines the natural beauty of freshwater pearls with the elegance of silver and zircon.

The earrings are designed to be asymmetrical, with one earring featuring a half circle of pearls with a morning star on one side and a long chain on the other side, while the other earring has a full pearl circle with a morning star inside of it. This adds an element of uniqueness to the earrings, making them stand out from other pearl earrings from other brands.

Pearl earrings by Grains de Verre

These pearl earrings are also designed with freshwater pearls, with a natural luster that catches the light beautifully. The copper fittings are rhodium plated, adding to the shine and sparkle of the earrings. The morning star pendants are adorned with zircons, which add a touch of glamour to the overall design.

The Asymmetrical Pearls Earrings with “Morning Star” are a stunning piece of jewelry and even though they are maxi earrings, they don’t feel heavy when wearing them. The quality of the materials and the attention to detail in all of the Grains de Verre jewelry I tried is great.

Pearls Bracelet with Silver «Morning Star»

Pearl bracelet by Grains de Verre

The design of the “Morning Star” bracelet is simple yet elegant. This bracelet showcases the natural beauty of freshwater pearls, combined with the shine of rhodium-plated copper and cubic zirconia for the morning star pendant. The focal point of the bracelet is the star pendant that is studded with cubic zirconia. The pendant is shaped like a star, and it adds a touch of glamour to the bracelet.

The “Morning Star” bracelet is perfect for any occasion. It can be worn with formal attire or paired with casual chic outfits. The simplicity of the design makes it versatile, and it can be worn by all ages. Also, being a bracelet with 3 layers of pearls, it makes it a lovely extra piece to complete any outfit.

Bracelet with pearls morning star

About the brand Grains de Verre:

Grains de Verre is a handmade jewelry brand created by the end of 2018 by Rita Molchanova. The brand creates a new kind of Haute Couture, designing voluminous and statement pieces that are all about empowering us with their uniqueness. And that is definitely noticeable in the jewelry that I tried. And not all of their jewelry is made with pearls, you will find other stunning pieces, but I loved all their pearl jewelry that I couldn’t resist them.

Overall, Grains de Verre is a brand that offers great quality and craftsmanship in every piece of jewelry that I tried. The modern pearl earrings, two pearl necklaces, and the bracelet are all stunning examples of this, and I would highly recommend them if you’re looking for timeless and elegant jewelry that is also trendy and chic.

* The jewelry in this post was gifted by the brand, still, like always, all opinions in this review are my sincere and honest opinions of any product or item I tried.

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