Loungewear haul by Femme Luxe Finery

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Since it’s loungewear season again, I decided to make a haul of 10 loungewear sets and outfits to inspire you! During these times, a loungewear set is never too much for staying cosy at home, but in style.

Loungewear: Femme Luxe Finery | Sofa: Diiiz | Poters: Poster Store

This pink loungewear set is my new addition to my super cute staying home outfits. It’s made of such a soft and cosy fabric, that’s great for a cosy outfit during this time of the year.

And well, you can’t go wrong with pink and I’ve been in love with this baby pink colour lately! It’s so delicate and feminine, just like my style.

Here’s another photo of this set on my living room at my new house, which you already know is all in colours like grey, white and light/dusty pink:

So my new loungewear set is even in colour palette with my house. 😉

But here you have all the other lounge sets options to inspire you in choosing your next sets! One in each colour, please!

Here’s a very cute one in black and white in a more sportive style:

Black and white loungewear set
Loungewear set by Femme Luxe Finery | Jewellery: APM Monaco

This set in black and white is great for a comfortable outfit, but in sportive style with a crop top, which make it very feminine.

It’s perfect for staying home, but also for running errands, you can wear it with a pair of sneakers, ballet flat or even with some boots for the winter days.

This light grey loungewear set bellow is one of my favourites, because I think it’s also very elegant and it shouldn’t be kept only inside the house. You can style it even with a pair of high heels like I did in this photo with a pair of plexiglass sandals:

Grey loungewear set by Femme Luxe

The cropped top is so cute and the wide leg trousers are extremely comfortable!

For a basic style instead, nothing like a cosy sweatshirt set. It’s very comfortable and super cute with the crop top. It was available in so many colours that I actually got the light green and also a military green set just like this one:

Green loungewear set by Femme Luxe Finery

Well, when in doubt, just get both colours, right? Here’s the military green loungewear set, which is just the same model of the set above this one:

Talking about basics, nothing like a loungewear in tan to keep it basic! This set is great because you can wear the top in different ways: I explain, the top is actually a normal t-shirt, but you can also wear it like a crop top, making a little knot at the bottom of your t-shirt to make it shorter. 😉

Like I styled in the photo below. It’s not because you’re home that your loungewear should be boring, have fun with it:

Nude loungewear set by Femme Luxe

Like we always say, black clothes are never too much! So of course an all black loungewear outfit will be always useful in your closet!

This V-neck t-shirt with long sleeves is great for staying home, but you can also add some accessories and it will be very elegant even for running errands.

Black Loungewear set

If you love pink like myself, here’s another pink loungewear set for you! This one is also a favourite of mine, because it’s cute and super comfortable for staying home. Pair it with sneakers or ballet flats and you’re also ready to leave the house!

Another thing great about a loungewear set is that you can also create different outfits at home, like wearing loungewear trousers with another top, so you have a new outfit!

Just like I did with this pink set above, I wore the bottom part with another top, to create a different outfit:

Staying home outfit: Femme Luxe

In this case, I was wearing it with a white tricot top, that matches the white stripes on the loungewear trousers. Of course, you can also wear the loungewear top with another pair of trousers, let’s say some white, light grey or even black trousers would look great with it.

So with every loungewear set you have, you can create at least 3 different outfits.

And here’s a very different outfit for staying home, that’s not actually a loungewear set, but it’s great when you wear something even more feminine or when you feel like wearing a dress!

I always loved dresses and it’s no surprise since I always publish many dresses here on the blog, so, of course, we can also wear dresses at home! Here’s an example of a dress that is very comfortable for staying home. You can wear it on a day off of even if you’re working from home. Add some accessories as I did in the photo below and it will look great for an online meeting or talking with friends on FaceTime:

Tan spring dress from Femme Luxe
Dress: Femme Luce Finery | Jewellery: Monili di Legno

What about you? Are you loving loungewear sets just like I do too?

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