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A sofa is definitely a centerpiece in a living room and I was looking for a sofa 2-seater for my new house, that’s when I found Diiiz website and fell in love with their decor pieces!

So it was not different when I browsed through their different models of 2-seater sofas and found the perfect sofa for my living room! It’s the Sofa Two Seater Alice by Diiiz.

In Scandinavian style, this two seater sofa is elegant and classic in a minimal way that was perfect for my new house decor and in perfect colour combination with the colour palette I chose for my house.

So today I will show you a little about my new house decor to help to inspire you and to give you some tips on how to choose your 2-seater sofa for the perfect space!

Manu Luize's living room with Alice 2 seater sofa by Diiiz
Welcome to my house! The Alice 2-seater sofa by Diiiz is the centerpiece in my living room | Get 10% off with the code “Manuluize10” on their website until 30th January

• Where I shopped my 2-seater sofa:

Before my final choice, I dug into Diiiz website to learn more about this furniture store and I found out they create design furniture, but always with accessible prices! Which make our lives much easier when decorating or redecorating the house!

Nothing like design furniture to make our home more stylish and comfortable, specially during a period in which we are staying home so much! If the price is accessible, that’s a perfect match! Great quality and good price is always a great combination!

Also, Diiiz is working and promoting young designers and European companies, which I think is a great concept, since it also makes it easier to have access to furniture from all over the European Union delivered to our house! Which by the way, they also offer free delivery to countries in EU. But now, it’s time to go back to my sofa!

• How to choose a 2-seater sofa?

Manu Luize's living room colour palette

My first step in decorating my living room was to think about my colour palette: the colours I wanted to focus in order to choose my furniture and decorative items in the room.

This step will make your choices easier, because instead of looking for furniture in all the rainbow colours, you know how to focus and also how to get all the furniture together in a harmonic way. I’ve been decorating my whole house from zero, so I know how it all can be SO overwhelming at the beginning!

After my colour choices, I thought about all the furniture pieces I wanted in my living room considering all the dimensions of my space. To get this step done I had the help of my sister, who’s an architect and, of course, the specialist in this area. Something that I highly recommend, because a professional will know how to fit everything you want in your space.

That’s when we decided a sofa 2-seater was the best idea for the space I wanted to create in my living room.

• Here are 3 essential tips in order to choose the size of your couch:

1. Take all the measurements of your living room, so you know what can actually fit in there.

2. What will be the couch used for?

3. How many people live in your house? Do you often have guests or friends over for a chat or dinner?

I’m living by myself, so basically the sofa would be for my time relaxing and enjoying my living room, but also for when I have a friend or my boyfriend over. So I decided the best was a 2-seater sofa, it would be great for what I needed and for the space I wanted to create in my living room.

After it all was defined, I went back to Diiiz website to decide which sofa would be the perfect match for my living room. Truth be told, I had so many favourites from their furniture store that I didn’t know which one to choose from!

Before my final choice, I was in doubt between choosing one of these 2-seater sofa options from Diiiz, which were my favourite couches:

2 Sofa Seater - Diiiz sofas
Get 10% off with the code “Manuluize10” on their website until 30th January

As you already know, my choice was the Alice 2 sofa seater in the top, in the colour light grey. Classic, minimal and super elegant, exactly what I was looking for in my living room.

My choice for the Alice sofa by Diiiz was the light grey fabric with wooden legs, making it an elegant couch that could be a great fit for a classic or a modern living room.

I decided to create a gallery wall with posters behind my sofa, to give some personal touch to my living room, so it would look more like my style, complementing really well my furniture.

Like I mentioned before, since I had decided on a colour palette, it was also easier to decide what posters I wanted to hang on my wall, in order to know how to create a beautiful living room all in harmony.

My colour palette was created with my favourite colours, so it’s quite often that my outfit also matches my decor. | Get 10% off with the code “Manuluize10” on their website until 30th January

I arranged the 2 seater couch to create a cosy, but elegant living room with a touch of dusty pink. My living room is not complete yet, but since I’m decorating the house during this very weird time + near Christmas, many things are still to be delivered due to delays. The good thing is that the sofa was one of the first things to be delivered, so free + fast delivery definitely made me happy!

I’ll still need to add a carpet and the rest of the furniture in the wall facing my Alice sofa, that should complete my living room decor soon. But since so many people who follow me on social media are so curious to know more about my new decor and some style tips, I started to create some content already here on the blog and on my profile @manuluize to help and inspire you.

Get 10% off with the code “Manuluize10” on their website until 30th January

To make your home and living room cosier and more with your style, apart from thinking about hanging some posters or frames, you can add decorative items and also decorative pillows. Since my decor has a touch of gold, I added two golden pillows to bring a cosier touch to my sofa!

Decorative pillow cases, blankets and a carpet are a great way to complete your living room decor and things I can’t wait to be delivered to add to my final decor.

One of the most important tips on how to choose a 2 seater sofa is to think about quality and comfort. We all want style, but it’s a sofa, so it has to be comfortable so you can actually spend some good time relaxing or watching TV. I’ve been very happy and satisfied with my Alice Diiiz sofa, it’s not only the cutest sofa ever, but it’s also very comfortable! I can spend hours on it reading a book and chatting.

Every details is well made and you can see it was made with lots of attention and love to design!

You can find all measurements on Diiiz website for all of their sofas, here are the measurements of this 2 sofa seater:

WIDTH156 cm 

The Diiiz Alice sofa is also available in other colours and with coloured buttons, for those who love a fun style! And it’s also available as a sofa 3 seater model for bigger spaces.

* This product was gifted, still, all opinions are my own personal and real opinions about any product I talk about on the blog, regardless if the product was bought by myself or gifted.

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