Nail care: How to Have Beautiful Nails in 3 Easy Steps

Manu Luize
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Let’s talk about how to do your nail care to have beautiful nails in 10 minutes per week without removing your cuticles! For the longest time, I thought in order to get beautiful cuticles and nails I needed a lot of time and effort to remove them. It wasn’t until I discovered these 3 easy steps that I finally got beautiful hands and nails without removing my cuticles. 

Nail care routine in 3 steps

nail care routine

Follow these 3 easy steps to see results in your nails and hands in about 1 to 3 months! You can watch this video with all the steps, or you can continue to read all steps below the video:

If you prefer to watch the video directly on youtube, wtahc it here: 10 Min. Nail Care Routine.

First step

The first step of this quick nail routine is to exfoliate your hands and cuticles once a week. You can use a normal body scrub for it. Wash your hands and gently apply the scrub to your hands.

Second step

After that, the next step is to apply a moisturizer to your hands and nails. Massage it into your hands and cuticles until it’s completely absorbed.

nail care white nails by Manu Luize

Third step

The third step of this easy nail care routine is to push back your cuticles gently. First, you can apply a cuticle oil that will make your cuticles soften but won’t remove them, then you can use a cuticle pusher or a cuticle stick. Be aware that cuticle oil and cuticle remover are two different things, we want the first. A cuticle remover will be harsh on your skin because it will remove the cuticles and we don’t want that!

Bonus tips

I have some bonus tips that will make you see results even faster!

But first, if this is the first week you’re doing this nail care routine, please be patient. Because like with skincare, taking care of your hands and nails also needs a little time, especially if you are used to removing your cuticles or never cared for them before. If you’re consistent with this nail routine, you will start to see results in 1 to 3 months and will be on the way to your best hands and nails ever!

Here are some extra tips you can quickly do daily to improve your hands and nails to see even faster results:

Every night before going to sleep, you can apply a hands and cuticle moisturizer that will make your hands and nails wake up even better the next morning. If you do this every night, and it will take only 1 minute of your time, you will definitely see prettier cuticles in no time!

Another extra & quick step is to gently push your cuticles every day with a cuticle stick or even with your nails (always be very gentle), you can do it after you shower when your cuticles are softer. Or whenever you have the time during the day, if not just out of the shower, apply cuticle oil before doing it.

Talking about cuticle oils, if your cuticles seem very dry and don’t look so good, try to apply cuticle oil after you wash your hands, it will help to make them look and be healthier too.

Following these easy steps, you will be on your way to having beautiful hands and nails like never before! If love nails, get inspired with some easy nail art ideas here.

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