Neuro Sensi Mask by Arkana Skincare (Full Review)

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I tried the Neuro Sensi Mask by Arkana Skincare, a night face mask for sensitive skin and now you can check my full review about it.

The Neuro Sensi Mask is part of a new line of products by Arkana, a polish skincare brand that I already tried some products before (and that I loved!), and this night mask was developed for vascular and hypersensitive skin.

My skin can be quite sensitive, it can get irritated and red easily, so I thought this was a great mask to try in any occasion that my skin could be more sensitive.

I’m usually very careful with the products that I try at my skincare routine, but a little more than a month ago, my skin got very irritated with some products I was trying or it had some allergic reaction to some or any of the ingredients, so I stopped what I was trying and went back to good products I already tried and liked, so I also decided to try this Arkana facial mask for sensitive skin.

My review of the Neuro Sensi Mask by Arkana Skincare:

Arkana Neuro Sensi Mask (Full review)

The Neuro Sensi Mask is an overnight mask (the kind of face mask you apply in the evening and sleep with it) that is targeted to do a night repair of hypersensitive and capillary skin, helping with the typical problems of this type of skin. It’s supposed to bring daily soothing and comfort and it’s allergen-free fragrance.

The application of this mask is recommended to be night care for those whom has hypersensitive and capillary skin, it can be active support of therapies of rosacea-prone skin, it can also be temporary care after esthetic treatments and it can be used in a daily application instead of a night cream.

As I mentioned, I started to use it when my skin was feeling irritated and it had many red spots (which is not very common on my skin, unless it had some allergy reaction or was irritated by some product) and it definitely helps to soothing and comfort the skin!

From the first day, I noticed that in the morning after my skin was calmer and less red than in the evening. And it was definitely helping my skin to recover from its redness during the following days.

Since I had some irritation on my skin, this was the only product that I was applying after washing my face in the evening. It made my skin feel soft and it helped to improve the redness in my skin caused by the irritation.

Neuro Sensi Mask by Arkana (Full review)

The texture of the Neuro Sensi Mask is very light and easy to apply. The product is easily absorbed by the skin. Once you apply it, you don’t feel the skin grassy at all and I have oily skin during the hot summer in Milan, so I would say it’s great even if you have oily/combination skin.

Overall, I’m very happy with the results of the Neuro Sensi Mask by Arkana, it helped my skin recover while keeping it smooth and with a silky texture. Luckily my skin it’s back at its normal!

It could be definitely a great night care option for after treatments, and for sensitive skin. I’ll keep using this night mask whenever my skin is more sensitive or when it needs some help to feel healthier after any irritation or redness.

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* I received this product for free from the brand, but as always, all opinions are my sincere and real opinions after using a product, regardless if I bought it or received it for free from some brand.

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