Bedroom decor: 35 Photos to Fall in Love!

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When you see a clothing store next to a decor one and you go straight into the decor store, well, that’s my mood at the moment, so if you’re looking for bedroom decor, that’s the article for you! With 35 amazing photos to inspire you in choosing your bedroom decor. Also, why not introduce an authentic antique fireplace and make a statement?

Quarto chique neutro

In the last few weeks I’ve been like that, if I stop in front of a Zara with a Zara Home on the side, I’m getting inside the second one. That department store with an amazing makeup floor, I’m going straight to the decor & house section  (ok, I’ll always stop by at the makeup floor as well). If you are also looking for inspiration on bedroom decor, I have selected the 35 most beautiful bedroom decor on the internet to inspire you to create that lovely and elegant bedroom decoration you will love!

Do not let the beige fool you, I selected bedroom decor in many different styles, including men’s and the perfect double room.

Bedroom Decor: Fall in love with 35 different ideas

35 Quartos decorados modernos

Not just a mere detail, the bed is one of the main points in a bedroom and not just a decoration item of a room since it needs to be comfortable and have its style, so it is often the center of the room’s decor. A lovely and comfortable bed is a must-have for your room, after all, you will spend your nights there.
After the bed, the decor of the bedroom requires some thinking of what you need as furniture and the space you will need in your room. Do you need a place to work or study? A space for a dressing table? Bookshelves? These details will influence what furniture and how many of them, you will need to decorate your room.

Bedroom decor: Master Bedroom

quarto de casal amarelo

A master bedroom can be either in neutral colors or in more vivid and colorful colors or they can blend neutral colors with colorful details. If you love colorful details, you will want to take a look at The Power of Yellow: 35 Inspiring Modern Yellow Bedroom Decor Ideas to get you inspired with even more colored bedrooms.

Take a look at this modern decor for a master bedroom, a neutral double room in light shades and white furniture.

Quarto de casal neutro
Guarda roupa aberto

This is a bedroom decor option for small rooms:

quarto pequeno

Quarto decorado neutro
estilo industrial
Quarto com inspiração bamboo

For anyone looking for inspiration and ideas of bedrooms decoration without the traditional closed wardrobe, an option is to use a clothing rack to hang your clothes, as in this next room photo:

Quarto casal branco preto
Arara com roupas em quarto decorado
quarto colorido
Quarto cinza
Quarto rosa elegante

This another decorated bedroom is an example of a cozy decor:

quarto cozy
detalhes de interiores
decoração elegante
Quarto bege
Quarto industrial
Quarto elegante em preto

Women bedroom ideas

quarto bege chique

For those looking for women’s bedroom ideas, I’ve picked some photos from elegant, delicate, and feminine rooms to inspire you. And if modern is not your style, you can also check 17 Must-see Bridgerton Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas.

Quarto elegante rosa
Quarto dark feminine
Quarto feminino
quarto com decor de madeira
quarto rosa - Manu Luize
quarto elegante
Comoda de espelho
Quarto exuberante
Quarto minimal e cosy
estilo nórdico
Decor em rosa e dourado
quarto verde claro

Details of Bedroom decor

mesa quarto verde

The details always make the difference, elements of decoration like vases, mirrors, and paintings/posters make your bedroom have even more personality and style.

I’m in love with this little corner with a super stylish dressing table:

mesinha maquiagem
gaveta de joias
quarto rosa

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