What is the most proper way to wear an off-shoulder top?

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Today let’s talk about a fashion trend that is driving us crazy and that is sweeping and causing a trend in half the world. Can there be anything more flattering than the off-the-shoulder trend? I don’t think so, that’s why today let’s talk about everything we need to know about this great trend.

Always, with the arrival of the summer season, the uncovering arrives, more low-cut garments, V-shaped, round necklines, blouses… But this year, the neckline has been reinvented leaving us a new way with the trend of bare shoulders in its version more sophisticated and sensual. A display of femininity that reveals, without a doubt, one of the sexiest areas of our body.

A key piece for summer looks

off shoulders summer outfit

Off-the-shoulder tie cropped top has become a key piece for summer looks. To know how to combine the latest trends, you just have to learn to analyze garments and, above all, know what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Fortunately, this trend flatters most bodies and also elegantly highlights a woman’s femininity. It’s always nicer to insinuate than to show, don’t you think?

The shoulders are a very sensual and beautiful part of the body that has been forgotten for several seasons. The good news is that in recent months it has gained importance thanks to the fact that many fashion brands have opted to highlight this part of the body in their designs.

Keys to combining the trend

– Find balance in your wardrobe. If you have a lot of skinny pants, choose tops that have a firm weave and a loose or straight design.

– Think about when you are going to wear the garment. If you want to wear a top with bare shoulders for your evening looks, you can bet on shorter, tighter, and more daring designs than for daily looks.

– Choose those models that enhance your qualities. If you have wide hips and a small chest, choose models that have ruffles, prints, or more elaborate fabrics.

– These are some of the aspects that you have to take into account before buying this trend or, later, if you have already bought it, it is important to know how to combine it with the rest of your clothes so that it favors you.

Although it seems simple to use this beautiful garment, it has certain details that we must follow to wear it as it should. If you love using it, then you must read these basic rules.

1. A good bra:

You must use a good strapless bra so that the straps are not seen and you show off your shoulders. Similarly, avoid transparent straps.

2. Lace:

The lace and ruffles in the blouses are the perfect complements to not see you straight. It will help you to give volume to your figure. If you have a large bust, it is better that you choose one with these characteristics but in the sleeves.

3. Figure:

Blouses with bare shoulders and tied at the waist are perfect for women who have a straight figure.

4. Design:

If you choose a striped design, be careful that it doesn’t make you look wider. If you are slimmer, then it will look great on you.

5. Adapt to your body:

If you have a wider back than your hips, this model of blouse will be perfect for you. And if you are still in doubt, look for a darker color model and avoid prints.

6. Comfort:

Make sure it fits you well in the bust part. This will prevent you from having uncomfortable moments because your blouse falls all the time.

How to use the off-shoulder trend according to your body shape?

Bare shoulders or off shoulders are usually very flattering, they allow us to see a large part of our neckline, leaving the entire area of ​​the neck, clavicles, and shoulders free. There are some details to take into account before using the new trend of sexy going out tops.

For short girls: As we already know, horizontal cuts optically do not remove centimeters. But that does not mean that there are no tricks to counteract this effect. In this case, you can wear the off-the-shoulder neckline in a long dress to add a little more height, or you can also wear a top with a long skirt in this case or palazzo pants. Another option is to dress it up with a necklace, the longer the better.

For the triangular silhouette: If in your case your shoulders are narrower than your hips, then your silhouette has a triangular shape. These types of dresses or tops will add width to our shoulders and that is just what your silhouette needs so that it looks balanced with the width of the hips.

For inverted triangle silhouettes: If your body figure has more width in the shoulder area and tapers to the hips, you have to keep in mind that this type of neckline with a horizontal line on the shoulders will give you width. A trick to counteract this effect is to wear your hair loose with soft waves and pulled towards the front and wear a necklace one shoulder crop top long sleeve, the longer the better.

Cycles of the off-shoulder trend

The off-shoulder trend has come back to us since the 1960s, when the women of the time revolutionized the fashion of the time by revealing or insinuating a little more shoulder than usual, although without going overboard.

Now, off-shoulders have returned but in their most exaggerated version, making this neckline quite low in the area of ​​the arms, making our garment fit even with dropped shoulders, not just settling for the horizontal version of this neckline.

Already since last year, great designers and established firms wanted to introduce the trend. We have been able to see it on countless catwalks and international fashion shows, but it wasn’t until this spring-summer when the off-the-shoulder trend manifested itself in street style and we have finally been able to delight ourselves with it.

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