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Valentine nails are the perfect way to get into a Valentine’s Day mood! So here are 55 Valentine’s Day nail ideas to inspire this year.

From heart nails design to easy Valentine’s manicures, but not forgetting the Valentine’s Day press on nails to make our life easier, get ready to fall in love with your next manicure.

Valentine nails: 55 Valentine’s Day designs that you will love

heart nails designs - valentines nails
photo: IG @overglowedit

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show off your creativity and pamper yourself with a fun and festive manicure. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day nails, here are some creative nail art ideas to try.

This year the Valentine’s nails designs are so classy, but with a touch of romance! Get ready to see a lot of nude manicures, but also some modern touch with the trendiest nails for this year.

Heart nails designs

It’s not Valentine’s nails if we don’t talk about the heart nail designs! Cute or sexy, I’ve selected different Valentine’s day nails designs to every taste!

Nothing is complete without red nails for Valentine’s Day, so this is where we start today: these red nails design that are all about love! ❤️

Valentine nails: red hearts design
photo by @annagasienica_

Pink nails are also often associated with Valentine’s Day, so here’s a pink and white heart nail design that I created to get you inspired:

Valentines nails: heart pink nails
red valentine nails ideas

Red and Pink Hearts: Nothing says “I love you” like a set of red and pink hearts on your nails. To easily create a heart you can use a dotting tool or toothpick to create the hearts and finish the look with a glossy or matte topcoat.

cute valentines nails with hearts by vwnails
photo IG @vwnails

Love Notes Details: Write little love notes or messages on your nails using a toothpick or Valentine’s Day stamping plate. You can also add a touch of sparkle to your mani with glittery accents.

valentines nails with heart nail art

You can easily re-create valentines day hearts or other themes using a stamping plate like this one:

Valentines day stamping plate
stamping plate by Born Pretty here $ 4.99 – use the code “manuluize” to get 10% off on their website

Pink valentine nails
photo by @sarena_ariane
Nude and black French nails with a heart: trendy glossy nails

If you want perfect hearts all the time, you can also use heart nail stickers like this one:

buy heart nail stickers
you can buy these nail stickers here for $1.99
Baby pink nails white hearts
Heart nails designs for Valentines day
photo: IG @bycheznails

Here’s a tutorial of these red heart nails:

Valentines nails: heart nails designs
photo by IG @ matuszewk.a

Here’s the tutorial for this cute manicure in nude and black French with a black heart:

Valentines nails: red heart design
photo by IG @ matuszewk.a

Heart-tip nails are definitely a big trend this year! They are trendy and you can choose different colors for your design, such as the traditional red or pink, but also untraditional color combinations like in black nail art and white:

Black & white Valentine nails
Red Valentine nails
photo by @matuszewsk.a
Black hearts nails
photo by @nailslpc.xo
red heart tips nails for Valentine's day
nude and white heart nails design
photo by @thehotblend
black & gold Valentine nails
photo by @stylebyreags
brown heart nails designs
photo by Jessyca’s Beauty Studio
nude white heart nails
easy red valentine nails
photo by @thehotblend
lilac heart nails

Valentines day nails pink

pink heart nails
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Valentines day nails pink by @thehotblend
photo by @thehotblend
Valentines nails in pink by @heygreatnails
photo by @heygreatnails
fun hearts nails designs
Pink heart tips: Valentine's day nail art
Pink heart nail art as Valentine nails
white French nails with hearts
Pink valentine nails design
Valentine nails: pink hearts nail art
photo by @thehotblend

Here’s the tutorial for these easy valentine nails:

Valentine’s day press on nails

Valentine’s Day Nail Stickers

If you’re not confident in your nail art skills, try using Valentine’s day nail stickers. There are so many cute and festive designs available, from hearts and flowers to love notes and cupid’s arrows.

heart nails stickers
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valentines day nail stickers
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hearts valentines stamping plate
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Valentine’s day is a special occasion that gives you the perfect opportunity to express your love and creativity through your nails. From red and pink hearts to glittery love notes and cupid’s arrows, there are so many fun and festive nail art ideas to try. Whether you’re confident in your nail art skills or prefer to keep it simple, there’s a Valentine’s day manicure out there that’s perfect for you!

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