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If you’re decorating your living room, you’re probably thinking what’s the right rug size for living room, right? I have recently moved to a new house and while decorating my living room, I was thinking about that a lot, so I decided to create a guide about it and now I share with you all the information, so you can learn what’s the right rug size for your living room and choose yours too!

This content is a collaboration with Sukhi who helped me to choose this beautiful rug for my brand new living room. They create ethical handmade rugs and you’ll find many photos of their rugs to illustrate this guide.

First I discovered that there are a few standard sizes of rugs and I will list them below, but of course, you can also get a custom rug made especially for your living room and in the size you need! 

The most important thing to think about is that there is no right size for all living rooms, you have to think about your own living room!

So first, start answering the 3 questions bellow:

Rug size for living room - Manu Luize
My modern living room with a felt ball rug by Sukhi rugs.

1. What furniture you have there?

2. What’s the size of your sofa?

3. Where will you put your rug?

When you know all of that, especially the 3rd question, that’s time to decide what’s the right rug size for your living room.

It’s important to know and to check what’s all the furniture you will have inside of your living room and how you will organize it all, meaning: what’s the place of everything inside of the room.

Then, decide where will you place your rug, will it be under the sofa? Near some other chairs or furniture?

• The right rug size for living room, when you put it near your sofa

How to chose Rug size for living room

If you’re putting a rug near your sofa, just like I did in my living room, then you probably need a rug that’s bigger than your sofa to create a cosy and elegant room.

It’s important to leave a border out of your sofa to create a beautiful living room. The general rule is:

Your rug size should be at least 15 to 20cm wider than your sofa on each side, meaning a total of 30 to 40cm bigger than your couch length.

You don’t need to put the rug under the whole sofa! You can place your rug at the border of your couch and just the front legs will be over the rug, so you don’t need to have the whole sofa over the rug, just the end part will do it for a modern living room style. 😉

As a general rule: you can think about putting the rug under 1/3 of your sofa or any chair you will add to it.

Let’s say your sofa is 82 cm in width, which means you should place the front legs in a way you can have 1/3 of that distance under the sofa = 27cm in this case. Which is the example of my living room.

Right rug size for living room
Showing the measurements of my Sukhi rug placement and where to place the couch over my rug.

If you have any other large furniture near where you want to place your rug: leave some space before the furniture.

It’s advisable to leave around 75 to 90cm of space from the furniture to your rug for big living rooms. For smaller living rooms: you can put it at 45 to 60 cm from your furniture.

Why should you leave some distance from the furniture?

Because in this way you create some free space that will make your room look bigger, more organized, and “breathable”, meaning it won’t make it look smaller than it is (like it happens when you don’t leave any space between the rug and other furniture).

Rug size for living room - Manu Luize

This is the most common and modern way to place and to choose your rug size for your living room. But, of course, there are other ways:

• You can place a very big rug under your whole sofa creating a different style of decor.

• You can place your rug just under your coffee table and not under your sofa (in this case, just be sure to create a harmony between the size of your sofa and the rug).

Now you know what are the measures you need to learn the right rug size for your living room!

  1. Measure your sofa length and add 30 to 40cm to it, now you know how wide your rug should be.

2. Measure 1/3 of your sofa width

3. Leave space for any other big furniture (between 45 to 60cm from small rooms or between 75 to 90cm for bigger rooms)

And now you know all dimensions you need to choose your rug!

Now it’s time to start looking for a rug in the right size you need!

Below you will find the most common rug sizes:

Grey rug for modern living room
To create a modern living room, I decided to follow a colour palette of grey, white, pink and gold. That’s why my Sukhi rug choice was in light grey.

15 x 20 cm

80 x 100 cm

100 x 140cm

120 x 170 cm

150 x 200 cm

170 x 240 cm

200 x 300 cm

250 x 300 cm

300 x 400 cm

When choosing the size of your rug, you can either choose one of the standard sizes like the ones from the list above or you can have your rug custom made for the special size you need on the Sukhi website.

Don’t forget when choosing your rug that a rug must be comfortable and the softer, the better! My rug is the Custom cut felt rug by Sukhi in the colour light grey and I can confirm it’s very soft! You can even seat and lay on it in a very comfortable way!

Grey Sukhi rug - Manu Luize

Are you feeling inspired to choose the perfect rug for your living room? Here you can find some amazing photos as inspiration with some other rugs from Sukhi:

Living room rug
photo: Sukhi
Living room rug
photo: Sukhi

• About Sukhi Rugs:

Grey rug for living room

When I first heard about this brand, I loved the brand concept:

Producing the highest quality handcrafted rugs, preserving age-old rug making traditions, and treating artisans with dignity and respect!

I really appreciate that the brand works in an ethical way thinking about the people who make the rugs with care! Sukhi is a brand of handmade rugs founded by Nasia Burnet after a trip to Nepal.

She had studied textile design in the Netherlands and now they have been able to provide employment to almost 300 artisans in developing countries. During this pandemic time, the company was able to help the artisans when they haven’t been able to work due to lockdowns or corona restrictions, been able to provide for them and make sure they can afford living during these difficult times, like with food distribution.

Sukhi Rugs

Multitasking as many women have to do in order to be able to manage work and family, Nasia is managing not only Sukhi all on her own, but she’s also is a full-time mom of her new baby born last August and a 2-year-old daughter.

Nasia - Sukhi rugs
Nasia from Sukhi Rugs working with her new baby.

The brand creates many different styles of rugs, all with care and quality. You will be able to find round and rectangle rugs for every room in your house, available in many different sizes and colors, without forgetting you can also have a costumed rug size if you need it.

To learn more about Sukhi and check all the beautiful rugs they create visit their website:

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