Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation Review

Manu Luize
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Filler effect with colour and good coverage? Well, that’s the Fillerina Colour 12HA Matte Foundation and here you can check my full review of this foundation and why I’m loving it!

It’s a mixture of treatment and foundation in the same product! It’s a colored filler effect treatment containing the 12 hyaluronic acids with a differentiated molecular weight of Fillerina. Since it has a high content of pigments, it also works as a foundation of medium coverage, with a matte and luminous finish. And you can also build it up to create better coverage.

The texture of this foundation is rich, but it’s very easy to apply. It has medium coverage, perfect to cover light imperfections and if you add concealer on top of it, you get a great cover that for me it’s enough for daily uses and even for events like a party or going out.

Fillerina foundation - Labo Suisse

Below you can check the difference on my skin, half of my face has no skin products and the other half I applied only this Fillerina foundation:

Fillerina Foundation 12 HA
My colour is M01 Matte Vanilla and it was a good match for my skin.

There are some details that weren’t covered by the foundation, but that was the job of a concealer. Overall, the cover was very good for a medium coverage foundation and in a natural and light way, in a way that the skin still looks “kind of natural” but hiding small imperfections and making it clearer.

You can also see in the photo above a difference in the filler effect, I noticed a filler effect under the eye area and also near the lips. This Fillerina foundation has a high concentration of 12 Hyaluronic Acids that allows the preparation to perform a strong filler effect on facial wrinkles and signs of skin aging. So filler effect + foundation with good coverage, that’s definitely a yes for me!

Here’s the full face with the foundation applied to both sides of my face and some concealer:

Fillerina Foundation review

It has a very good duration on the skin, you can check how it was just when I applied it (photo above) and after 12 hours with no retouch at all (photo below). I had applied it in the morning, had lunch and stayed out during the afternoon, the photo below was taken when I was back home and had dinner.

So, I took this photo before taking my makeup off and going to sleep, I didn’t retouch it in the evening, because I was just home not doing anything special, of course, if I would do something, I would have retouched it (especially in the concealer areas):

12h after - no retouch
ps: I was wearing a face mask while I was out, so that’s why you can notice the bottom part of my face has faded more.

My skin is usually oily, during this winter staying a lot of time inside the house with the heating on all the time, it has been less oilier and sometimes even a little dry this year, so I can say this foundation should be good for all skin types. It didn’t make my skin oilier nor drier during the day.

Overall, I’m really liking this foundation, be it for having a treatment than also just for the foundation coverage itself. Great for who looks for some good medium coverage foundation.

Here’s the ingredients’ list in case you need to check it for any allergies:


* I received this product for free from the brand, but as always, all opinions are my sincere and real opinions after using a product, regardless if I bought it or received it for free from some brand.

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