Simple Human Trash can: my full review

Manu Luize
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I had never thought a trash can could actually change my life so much and that’s what it’s all about: my Simple Human trash can review. I’m talking about the 58L Dual compartment rectangular sensor bin with voice and motion control that has made my life in the kitchen much easier!

Think about a very usual situation: you’re cooking and then you need to throw something in the trash, if you’re anything like myself that are always multitasking and you love to cook, during a recipe you will probably need to reach for the trash can at least a couple of times or more according to the recipe. So my usual situation was that I always had a lot on my hands and always end up making some mess in order to throw the trash away, something always used to fall on the floor or make my trash can dirty.

That’s when this life-changing Simple Human trash can gets in, it opens by itself when you get closer or with a voice command. So no more getting things on the floor in order to open the trash can, it can open when you get there (by motion sensor) or you just say “open can” and you will find it open. That’s for sure one of the coolest items in my kitchen and it’s been making my life much easier.

“Open can” and the Simple human trash can will be open, this easy and simple.

I know it may sound weird and actually I never thought I would be so excited about a trash bin before, but you know it all changes when you live on your own and have a whole house and life to take care of, that’s when even trash cans can be fun and help to make your life easier.

It may look like such a simple detail, but it has been making such a big difference to me! Also, this one is a two-compartment Simple Human trash can, so you can divide the trash. Here in Milan, we need to separate everything, so this is definitely helpful in order to have more in less space.

Simple Human trash can

To make it work with the motion sensor or voice command, you just need to plug it to the electricity or use 6 AA alkaline batteries if you want to keep it cordless. You just connect it and that’s all, this simple!

For the motion sensor: you just need to get near it and with a wave of your hand, the can will be open. You get away from it and it will close itself after.

To use the voice command: there are 3 different voice commands you can use with the Simple Human trash can, just say:

  • “Open can”: and the can will open the lid.
  • “Stay open”: if you’re cooking and in need of the trash can opened for a longer time, you can tell it to stay open. It will stay open until you ask it to be closed or after 10 minutes.
  • “Close can”: the magical word to make it close the lid.
Simple Human trash can with motion sensor

To me, it’s simple things like this that make our life easier and I can say, it even make it more fun to be cooking in the kitchen, it’s like my little souschef to help me with the trash.

This Simple Human trash can is made of stainless steel and it also  has a fingerprint-proof coating that is infused with nano-silver particles that prevent microbes from reproducing. That means always a pretty and clean trash bin! To me that I’m kind of germaphobic🙈, that’s for sure a win-win situation and a must have in my kitchen!

Definitely a must-have item to whoever is also creating an intelligent house that can help us to keep everything in place and to make our busy and complicated life easier.

And I need to tell you, once you get an intelligent Simple Human trash can, there’s no going back. I already wish everything else in my house was this easy, simple, and intelligent.

You can find this intelligent trash can available at Simple Human website.

You can check a video of this product and also the amazing Simple Human over the door shower candy I’ve been loving:

* I received this product for free from the brand, but as always, all opinions are my sincere and real opinions after using a product, regardless if I bought it or received it for free from any brand.

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