Stay home outfits 2.0

Manu Luize
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Well, since we have been staying so much at home, we need to get the home outfits more fun and cute! So our mood can get better even during this situation!

So bye-bye pyjamas during the day! Get on a cute outfit every day, even if you’re going to stay home during the whole day.

During this crazy time over the last months, I’ve noticed that a cute and more elegant outfit is definitely needed to start my day in a happier mood. No pyjamas allowed during the whole day. Get your day started with a great breakfast and some cute loungewear! I’m loving loungewear sets for the cosy staying in days! Just like this one:

Black and white loungewear set
This loungewear set is from Femme Luxe Finery and my jewellery is from APM Monaco.

A cute loungewear set is great because it’s super easy to wear (no need to lose time thinking about the outfit combination in the morning) and it’s of course, such a comfortable outfit to stay home!

And If you go for a black look, it’s also a great outfit for running errands in style. Pair it with sneakers or even ballet flats and you’re ready to leave the house!

This one in black and white is casual, comfy and stylish at the same time, it’s definitely a win-win situation for staying in or running errands!

For a more feminine outfit, I’m loving this black co-ord skirt! Even if staying home alone, it’s a great outfit to feel more feminine and cute. And let’s face it, during this weird time, it’s always great to show some self-love and to feel better every day.

Co-ord black skirt

After so many days wearing trousers all the time at home, I just loved the feeling of getting on a cute and super feminine look! Definitely something I’ll be doing more in the next weeks!

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying home with family, friends, boyfriend or even all alone, we deserve to feel good every day, and getting a cute outfit is definitely a great way to start doing it. Some people may say it’s foolish, but it’s definitely not the case. Try it and thank me later. 😉 I’m sure it will help you to get in a better mood!

If you follow me on my Instagram @manuluize (if not, what are you waiting to follow me? 😉 ), you know I’ve just moved to a new house and comfortable outfits are a must for my days filled with organising the new house in a comfortable way. But you know me, the style will never be left out of an outfit, even at home.

Last, but not least, if you’re feeling a little down, add some bright colour to your outfits! Nothing like a red outfit to bring me energy, have you ever tried it?

My choice this time was this red crop top with long sleeves, perfect for this season in style, after all, Christmas is just around the corner and red is always a key colour for the Holidays!

And missing just a little less than a month to Christmas, I’m definitely ready for this holiday season and ready to get on some Holiday outfits!

STYLING TIP: I’ve just noticed a coincidence that I was wearing this necklace on all of the outfits above! Since a lot of people have been asking about it on my social media: it’s a medal with my zodiacal sign (libra), it’s by APM Monaco from their new collection called Constellation. A great touch for my staying home outfits and to bring more positivity and a touch of happiness to my daily loungewear outfits.

Add accessories and jewellery to your loungewear and staying home outfits is a special touch to make any outfit go to the next level. I’m sure it can also help your mood go to the next level as well. 😉

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