Top 3 Bedroom Decor Rules

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Very often we focus our attention on the furnishings of the living room, dining room, and other “representative” spaces in the apartment, designed to receive guests and impress them. At the same time, we perceive the bedroom environment as a simple, self-evident and simple event, without paying due attention to it: we put the bed, well, okay. This approach is fundamentally wrong, because one should remember one’s own comfort, health and coziness in the first place, and a sound and healthy sleep and the opportunity to relax after a hard day in a harmonious and relaxing environment are more valuable than the admiring comments of friends who came to tea once a week. What are the important points to consider when planning the decor of the bedroom?

beige and yellow decor

First of all, do not be afraid in advance: the bedroom does not necessarily have to have a large area or be furnished with the latest design innovations. In many countries, for example, in Spain, even in spacious apartments, bedrooms usually have a fairly small area, since a person comes there to sleep, and not to work, study or do other things. Often an additional small workplace is planned in our bedrooms, but this is a topic for a separate discussion. The main thing you need to know about the interior of the bedroom: the decor should contribute to your relaxation and rest as much as possible, and the right bed, mattress, and textiles, as well as the lighting solution and the ability to set a comfortable temperature, are responsible for comfort.

The choice of style for the bedroom

In small apartments, professional designers recommend decorating all rooms in approximately the same style. This creates a unity of the image and makes the space psychologically perceived as more spacious. In such cases, the main thing is to choose an interior style in which you could feel comfortable while relaxing, receiving guests, and doing household chores.

If the apartment or house has a large area, you can stylistically separate the private area (bedroom, master bath, dressing room, possibly an office) and the guest area (living room, hall, kitchen, dining room). In this option, you have more freedom to maneuver and the ability to create a different atmosphere in different parts of the house.

Tip: It’s not bad if the interior of the bedroom is different in style from the environment that you associate with the workplace. Are you used to a strict order and a classic office? Let yourself be a little mischievous and choose a bright poster or youth window textiles for bedroom decor. Are you surrounded by modern minimalism at work? Why not decorate the bedroom in a more romantic style, such as Province or Country?

Libra cozy and modern bedroom decor idea

In general, no one bothers you to choose something for the decor of the bedroom that is very noticeably different from the general style of decorating the apartment, but this is usually not necessary. In general, when choosing a bedroom decor, try to focus on the style that makes you relax and feel at peace as much as possible. The choice of a particular style depends solely on your personal preferences.

Very often, bedrooms like to decorate in a feminine, romantic style in the spirit of Provence and Neo-Baroque, turning them into a kind of elegant boudoir. This approach will really help create a feeling of comfort and distract from everyday fences, however, if we are talking about a family bedroom, you need to take into account the tastes of both partners, so an abundance of floral prints, swirls, and lace textiles may not always be appropriate.

Choice of colors and finishes

As a rule, the interior of the bedroom is decided in a calm and monochrome palette without bright contrasts that can interfere with your peaceful rest. The most popular pastel shades are beige, gray, yellow, blue, light brown. Remember that you should not use more than three basic colors in the interior, and you need to combine various ornaments with great care, taking into account the stylistic decision of the interior.

Of course, there are also lovers of bright accents, but you have to be very careful with them. No matter how much you love, for example, bright red, it is better to use it in the interior of the bedroom in a dosed way, as it activates the nervous system and can disrupt your sleep.

The simplest and most affordable bedroom decor option that allows you to refresh the interior at any opportunity, choose a fairly neutral light decor for walls and furniture, and change the interior with bright bedspreads, pillows, and bedding – purchase here.

Furniture selection

Of course, the main and central piece of furniture in the bedroom is the bed. Modern beds provide an opportunity to pay attention to comfort and health, without compromising the aesthetic component. This means that you can separately choose a base with the required number of slats and orthopedic settings, as well as choose a mattress with a filling that matches your preferences and body characteristics. Such things are extremely important for the comfort of your spine, which is why even the highest quality sofas can not be compared with a full-fledged sofa. 

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