Top Types of Men’s Hats According to Seasons

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Currently, there are different hats for men on the market, which can be radically different from each other. They can be divided into three groups depending on what season they are suitable for.

Summer Options

Hats and caps are always relevant, including in summer. There are several summer options that men wear most often.

Baseball cap

This is one of the most popular youth hats. Most often, baseball caps are worn by athletes and teenagers. Ideal for reliable sun protection. Today, many different baseball caps are produced. Many of them are decorated with drawings, embroideries and colored inserts.

Peakless cap

This is a fairly light cap that can be worn not only in summer but also in spring. It is made from thin fabric. Used for sun protection. The main feature of this product can be considered that it does not have a visor. These caps look quite stylish and unusual. Sometimes they are supplemented with buttons and drawings. A peakless cap does not have to be worn with tracksuits. It goes well with t-shirts, shorts, shirts and jeans.


Man bandana outfit

The bandana is considered to be one of the most comfortable headwear as it fits quite well on the head. It is worn mainly by young guys or men who are fond of motorsports. The most unusual summer headdress for guys can be considered turbans. Some men wear them to protect themselves from the heat.


In the last few years, panamas with short and curved down visors have begun to be especially popular among young guys. They are made of rather thin fabric material. Most often, panamas are bought for trips to the beach or a trip to the country to protect themselves from strong winds and bright sun.

Autumn options

Winter mens hats

With the onset of autumn, guys are increasingly starting to seriously think about buying hats that could reliably protect from the cold. There are several autumn options that are quite popular among men.


In autumn, many guys prefer to wear warm woolen berets. Some of them are equipped with additional linings for insulation. The style of berets can be drastically different. Many models are created in an unusual military style. Some berets may have additional decorative embellishments: applications, prints, straps. Berets are best worn only in early autumn, when it is not too cold outside.


These hats are perfect for autumn. They only cover the top. In this case, the ears remain open. The distinctive features of such hats include their rather wide hem. Dockers look quite stylish. They are made from denim. They can be decorated with various stripes or patterns. Ideal for coats, down jackets, sweatshirts and jeans.

Beanie hat

In early autumn, some guys prefer to wear beanie hats. They are made from thin fabric, warmer options can be knitted. It is worth noting that this is a versatile headdress that can be worn with almost any clothing. It matches perfectly with shirts, sweaters, jackets and coats.


Guys who love casual style often wear caps. Outwardly, they are very similar to baseball caps. Caps go well with T-shirts, sweaters and shirts. They can also be worn with jeans and velor trousers. Some men prefer to wear them with business jackets.

Winter options

Man hats

Winter is a rather cold season, when it is simply impossible to be outside without a hat. Therefore, every guy before the start of the winter cold should get himself a warm and fashionable men’s hat. There are several types of hats that are perfect for winter.

Hat with lapel

This is one of the most common beanie options and is perfect for fall and winter. Most often they are made of cotton and knitted wool. The shape of these hats is rounded, symmetrical. They are equipped with a lapel that reliably protects the head from cold and strong gusts of wind. In addition to the round one, there are other forms of hats with a lapel. Quite common are tapered and elongated options, which are very popular among snowboarders.

Hat with ear flaps

This hat is considered the warmest for men. Therefore, most often it is bought by residents of the northern regions with harsh winters. These hats are made of sheepskin, equipped with a fur lining. The peculiarities of such hats include the fact that they have special “ears” that securely cover the entire head area.

Felt hat

Such hats are suitable for lovers of business style. Felt hats are made of dense woolen material that is not blown by the wind. Some models are equipped with additional folding ear pads.

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