Tips for taking care of your Clip in Remy Hair Extensions

Manu Luize
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Real human hair extensions are much more delicate than synthetic hair. It is important that you follow the proper procedures for keeping them in good shape. 

The washing routine only takes a few minutes; you can even do it before going to bed. With a regular maintenance plan, it is easy to promote a long life and healthy locks. 

Today, I thought of sharing some essential tips and tricks that will help to keep your wefts beautiful so that they can keep you beautiful too:    

1. Detangling is a Must, Before Washing

After every use, you can use a soft bristle brush to brush out any tangles of your hair extension. I never forget to start brushing from the bottom and then work my way up.

Trust me, this step makes sure that the hair is not detached from the weft and detangling is done without causing much of the hair fall.

Tip: I always make sure that I never wet my tangled clip in hair extensions before brushing it thoroughly.


2. Washing to Hydrate

Please remember that you should wash them gently and soak them in your bathroom sink in lukewarm water. I always recommend you to stir pea-sized amounts of shampoo into the basin or sink. Always choose a gentle, clarifying shampoo which does not have many additives (like sulfate or alcohol).

Unlike our natural hair, clip in remy hair extensions can’t produce natural oil to keep the hair hydrated or moisturized. For that, I use a high-quality conditioner and a leave-in conditioner for the next step. 

Note: I always rub the length of the extension (not scrub) and then rinse it thoroughly with cold and clean water for sealing in the conditioner’s effects. I strongly recommend you not to brush extension while they’re wet. 

Also, I never blow dry my clip in hair extensions. It’s a strict ‘no-no’ for me.

Tips on clip-in remy hair extensions

3. The Key Is To Divide and Work

For removing any dirt or build-up, I always tie my hair extensions in a bunch (using my scrunchies) and then clean all at once. To get rid of products, I use my fingers tips and gently run it through my extensions. 

If I have to work with a lot of extensions, I prefer to divide my wefts into smaller groups, and then submerge the rest of the extensions into a soapy bath. 

These steps make sure that I quickly finish with all the cleaning part without creating much of a mess.

4. Comb after Drying

After removing them from the sink, I gently squeeze out all the excess water and place my clip in hair extensions on a clean towel on a sturdy surface.

I always spread my wefts flat as possible and try not to stack on top of one another. Once the hair extensions are partially dry, I use a wide-tooth comb and a little leave-in conditioner and then brush lightly through them to eliminate any leftover tangles. 

Note: I regularly or periodically touch to see if they are dry. I let them dry overnight or even longer to make sure it’s dry.  The process of air drying doesn’t extract the moisture and keep our hair detangled and manageable.

Do not over moisturize the extensions as it will grow oily and flat. I use a dab of leave-in conditioner once -in- a- while.

Some Hygienic Practices That Can Make Clip- In Hair Last Longer

Here, I will explain you some of my current practices that have helped me a lot in keeping my clip in hair extensions lustrous and bouncy. 

  1. Little extra care never hurts! So I suggest that you wash your extensions after 6 to 8 wears. If you don’t use them often, don’t clean frequently.
  2. Use a regular soft hair tie and twist it around the clip base in hair extension (about 1 to 2 inches below the weft and clip). And then place them in the box safely.
  3. Don’t worry if you don’t have the original box; you can easily slide your hair extensions into a study bag or other container. It makes sure that your freshly washed extensions do not get frizzy and tangle. 
  4. I always use a heat protectant spray before styling my natural hair weft. Therefore, I generously apply the product all over the weft’s surface or at least on the areas where I am planning on curling or straightening.


I can assure you that if you invest in some specialty combs, conditioner, and shampoo, your clip in hair extensions will last longer than you could imagine.

Caring doesn’t require you to be a professional; it requires a little bit of your attention and care.

I hope my tips have helped you.

Happy hair means happy you! 

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