Clarity Cleanser by Pixi: a clarifying cleanser to try

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I have tried the new Pixi cleanser: the Clarity Cleanser for more than 6 months and here’s my full review of this clarifying cleanser with Salicylic, Lactic, and Glycolic Acids.

Pixi Clarity Cleanser is a gentle yet effective facial cleanser for acne-prone skin that has quickly become one of my favorite products. In this honest review, I’ll tell you why I like it so much after using it for a long time. But first, let’s quickly understand what is a clarifying cleanser.

What is a Clarifying cleanser?

Clarifying cleanser by Pixi Clarity Cleanser

Clarifying cleansers help remove dirt and impurities from your skin while controlling excess sebum production. They usually contain salicylic acid, a natural compound from plants like willow bark. Salicylic acid helps reduce inflammation, and combat bacteria, being a great ingredient to prevent future acne breakouts. When used regularly, clarifying cleansers can help produce cleaner, healthier-looking skin.

What the Clarity Cleanser by Pixi promises:

Clarity Cleanser review - Pixi beauty

This gentle yet effective cleanser is designed to deeply cleanse your skin while visibly reducing the appearance of breakouts.

Clarity Cleanser by Pixi is a clarifying cleanser that is enriched with many beneficial ingredients. It includes salicylic acid, which effectively cleans without over-drying the skin, and glycolic acid to gently exfoliate away dead skin cells. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean without tightness or irritation.

According to the brand, the Clarity Cleanser is suitable for all skin types. For this review, remember that I have normal to oily skin and that over the last years, unfortunately, it’s been behaving like acne-prone skin.

My full review of the Clarity Cleanser by Pixi:

Clarifying cleanser by Pixi

Because I’m always trying a lot of skincare and reviewing them, it’s very difficult that I try a product for so long, but I’ve been trying this clarifying cleanser for more than 6 months already, simply because I liked it so much that I kept forgetting to change it to try a new one.

Basically I’ve been trying this Pixi Cleanser since the last summer and through the winter, that means I tried both when my skin feels oilier (during the summer) and when it suffers from the winter cold time and gets a bit dryer. That being said, my skin liked this cleanser both during the summer and winter times.

I’m the kind of person that uses a cleanser both morning and night (yes, I even tried to use it only during the night as many people do, but my skin feels better and healthier when I use a gentle cleanser both times of the day), so I‘ve been using this product twice a day.

texture Clarity Cleanser by Pixi

The Clarity Cleanser has a light consistency (similar to a milky gel) and it’s very easy to apply to the skin. I first dampen my skin and then apply a small amount of the product onto my face, gently massaging it in circular motions. After, I just rinse it off and gently pat my skin dry with a towel. And you can continue with your skincare routine steps. If you’re using this product in the morning, don’t forget to always use sunscreen, since it has exfoliant ingredients, always apply sunscreen after using it!

After washing my face with this clarifying cleanser, it feels clean and smooth, it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or with any tightness feeling, even during the winter days when my skin needs more hydration.

Cleanser for acne-prone skin: full review

I mentioned earlier that over the last few years, my skin had been very sensitive in developing acne and pimples more often than before, but since I started to use this cleanser the last summer, I was so happy to feel my skin calmer and cleaner! Even during times like the summer and the Christmas holidays when my diet was not very healthy, to say the least, my skin was handling it very well and I saw an improvement with clear skin while using it.

I also tried another product from the Clarity line by Pixi, the Zero Zit, a spot treatment to help minimize and calm breakouts. And when I saw a pimple coming, I applied this product and it helped to make it go away much faster! I’ll review it separately in the future, but I wanted to mention it since it was a great help during more critical times for the skin. Well, now this made me really like this Pixi line of clarifying products and I must try the whole line now!

This cleanser has a very light fragrance that is fresh and I considered it less fragrant than most Pixi skincare products I tried in the past, which for me is always a good thing.

Where to find the Pixi Clarity Cleanser online

• If you’re in the US: Pixi Cleanser, $18 here.

• If you’re in the UK: Pixi Cleanser, £18 at Harvey Nichols , £18 at Sephora UK or £18 at Marks & Spencer UK.

• For Ireland, you can find it at Marks & Spencer Ireland for €24.

Ingredients list of the Clarity Cleanser by Pixi

Pixi Clarity Cleanser - ingredients

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