Custom Lapel Pins: A Complete Guide on How to Wear Them

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A custom lapel pin can be a fashion detail or something that will help you show your ideas, but it can also help to create a brand image, for example when wearing custom lapel pins for events or in stores. Today you will learn all my special stylist tips on how to wear lapel pins in an easy and foolproof way!

Before that, let’s just check quickly what are lapel pins and custom pins.

What is a custom lapel pin?

Custom pins and how to wear them

As you can imagine, a lapel pin or custom lapel pin is a pin you usually wear on a jacket lapel. What changes is that a custom lapel pin can have countless designs. From basic designs such as the famous flower lapel pin to custom designs you can create, the sky is the limit when you think about this kind of pin.

Wearing a lapel pin can be a choice of style, a way to present your ideas with clothing and accessories. Or a way to show you’re part of a group, company, or event. Actually it was originally created to show someone’s affiliation to a group or to political parties.

Nowadays, this type of clothing pin can be worn on so many occasions, from the informal to the formal occasions like a wedding! A groom can be wearing a special custom lapel pin or the guests can also wear a lapel pin for suit.

A lapel pin is so interesting because it personalize your outfit easily and in an affordable way, which is so cool!

Men’s lapel pin are the most known and used, but of course, there is also lapel pin for woman. Everyone can wear a pin to style an outfit, or to show one’s ideals or affiliations.

How to wear lapel pin

How to wear lapel pins for men

Where does pin go on lapel?

Tradition says that a lapel pin should go on the left side of the jacket/suit. If you ever noticed that in some suits there’s already a small buttonhole on the left side, now you know why: it’s the space to put your lapel pin.

Of course, this is what tradition says, but nowadays you can also wear lapel pin on less formal clothes such as denim jackets and you can wear a pin or many at the same time to create a stylish look.

How to wear lapel pins for men

custom pins - enamel pins

Now that you already know you should wear your pin on the left side, you should know that there are also many styles of lapel pins that will influence how and especially when to wear them.

The most important thing is to think if your occasion is formal or informal. Knowing its formality will help you to choose your lapel pin adequately for the occasion.

3 Tips on wearing lapel pins for men on formal occasions

  1. If you decide to wear a lapel pin on a formal occasion, it’s usually better to wear only one lapel pin or a maximum of 2 or 3 (if very small pins). If you wear more than one pin, remember to choose pins that are similar in style or color.

2. Always think if the pin you are choosing is matching the formal occasion, if it’s for a wedding, choose only elegant pins.

3. If you will wear it for a work-related formal occasion, always wear something that is appropriate for your work environment, according to your profession.

Wearing lapel pins for men on informal occasions

Jacket with lapel pins for men

An informal occasion allows many uses of clothing pins for men, especially if you’re going out and it’s not a situation related to work. You can choose fun custom lapel pins to wear with a suit and a pair of jeans, or even wear them on a denim jacket.

On very informal occasions, you can also play with your lapel pins and wear not only one, but as many as you’d like to and consider adequate to your outfit. You can match clothing pins that have a similar style or similar colors, so you can create an harmonious look.

If you’re wearing more than one pin, there’s a chance not all of them will fit in your jacket lapel, so you can wear them near or over the pocket on the left side. If it’s not enough, there is no strict rule, you can also add them on the right side (like in the photo above).

How to wear flower lapel pin

Flower pins

One of the most famous types of pins is the flower lapel pin. According to the kind of flower it can be worn both on formal and informal occasions. Choose the one that is most adequate for your outfit, style, and occasion.

Flower pins can be chosen in fabric or as enamel pins, even custom lapel pins can be done with flowers, creating a unique style just for you or your brand/event.

Flower lapel pin

A flower lapel pin is usually worn on itself, but you can also wear two flower pins at the same time, just choose two different ones that match in style. Another tip is to choose them in two different sizes, one bigger to be the main point of attention and a small flower to complement the first one.

Two flowers lapel pins

How to wear custom pins woman

Woman's custom pins outfit

Most women love to accessorize their outfits, so custom pins for women are also a great way to play with lapel pins and to add a touch of style to an outfit.

Just like men, women can also wear pins on formal and informal occasions, even though they are more common for informal or work occasions. Looking great with a blazer or in an informal situation with a cool denim jacket.

If you wear only one lapel pin, focus on wearing it on the left side. If you want to create a cool outfit with many pins, wear them all together on one side or both sides of your jacket for a fuller look.

Custom pins woman: how to wear lapel pins

Custom lapel pins for business events

custom enamel pins

When organizing a business event or when thinking about your brand identity, it’s important to think about every detail. A custom lapel pin can be a great way to show your brand in a beautiful and cool way! You can create a custom design with your logo or the event theme.

If your event is a conference, you can also complement your event’s accessories with branded custom lanyards, which will help to make it an even better success. It will not only make your event feel more organized and personalized but it will also help people remember your brand easily.

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