Gemstone Accessories Return To Bold And Brave

Manu Luize
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This year has seen a huge resurgence in the popularity of gemstones and their use in styling. According to fashion authority Cosmo, large costume gems were the pinnacle of a yearly trend moving away from plain metal and back towards the benefits that gemstones bring. This ostentatious trend focuses on using gemstones and precious stones, and flaunting them. Rather than having an understated beauty about your gemstones, you want to flaunt them in ways that are at home with older fashion trends. Nowhere is this better and easier to get started with than the time-honored diamond.

The brilliant diamond
Diamonds have seen a huge surge in popularity this year; the unearthing of a mouth-watering 1,758-carat in-the-rough diamond was, according to The Guardian, a side-benefit of ever increasing numbers being mined. The dripping diamond and jewels is back, and that’s the core of the style here – flashing the gemstone. If you have diamonds in your collection already, now is the time to flaunt them, and to flaunt them on a big scale. Wrists and ears are great places to make use of the gemstones, and, if kept to a sparkling shine through regular cleaning with specialist cleaning fluids and cloths, you can keep your diamonds looking a million dollars.

Flashing colors
Diamonds are brilliant, but their attraction is in the colors they create through refraction. Many will choose to have a whole-color gemstone, and that’s very in too. According to Harper’s Bazaar, a particularly bold and very 2020 way of doing this is through mixing and matching gemstone colors. Take, for instance, earrings combining a huge emerald next to a pink opal and blue sapphire. Taken together, they create a rich mix of colors that look great alongside an understated outfit. Having that color pop, something to highlight your individuality alongside sleek and classy clothing, is the name of the game, and it something that can be easily achieved – expensively or on a budget.

Pins and needles
Vogue highlights the use of gems on pins and needles as a key trend in getting gemstones across a wider market. New necklaces and earrings can of course cost good money, but it’s increasingly becoming stylish to use family heirlooms and brooches to find that gemstone shine. At Miu Miu’s spring show, the use of large ostentatious gems against simple, or bare-thread backdrops, was the name of the game, and it ties into that theme once again – using gemstone jewelry to flood your style for that old-school ‘drip’. Taking attention away from other areas of your outfit allows comfort and security, while the gemstone can help you to show off your personality and give you a clear indicator as to what you’re all about.
The headline – be bold. Don’t feel constrained to style trends informing you to use understated or simple jewelry: big gems are back in. Whether expensive, cheap, colorful or brilliant, get them into your outfits, and wear them with pride.

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