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New beauty treatment at home: the LED light therapy mask has become more and more common and now this type of treatment can be done at home too, and no longer just in beauty clinics.
I tested this LED light therapy mask for several months and now I can tell you more details, my opinion after using the product for so many months, and my honest review of this modern face mask for at-home use.

• LED light therapy mask [REVIEW]

I started using this LED light therapy mask in the summer of last year (I remind you that I live in Milan, Italy, and here the summer runs from the end of June to September), right after the whole COVID situation started and the moment we started using the masks for virus protection. With the use of masks and the heat, my poor skin was suffering and with the heat, it got worse! This LED light therapy mask was a very welcomed treatment, as one of the lights helped me a lot to improve my skin, so I say yes, this LED light therapy mask does work!

Last December I had filmed a video talking about this and you can check it below, where I tell my whole experience with the LED mask using at home:

To watch the video directly on Youtube click here: LED light therapy mask: Review.

As I say in the video, the effect that I most noticed changes in my skin was the blue light, which brings benefits to eliminate bacteria and skin sebum. Wearing protective masks and the heat had made my skin more oily, and very unwanted pimples were appearing on my skin.

Once I learned that blue light was ideal for combating these problems, it was the one that I focused on my initial use and that I saw the most visible effects on my skin.

• LED light therapy mask: benefits OF EACH COLOR OF LED LIGHT

According to the color of the face mask’s LED light, it has a different benefit for the skin, below you can see the benefits of each of the 3 colors of LED light in this mask that I tested:

• Blue LED light: Anti-bacterial function and ideal for those with oily skin
• Red LED light: The main function is for anti-aging effect
• Orange LED light: The main function is to make the skin more luminous and radiant.

• HOW LONG should you USE THis LED MASK?

Ideally, you should use this face mask for 15 to 20 minutes a day.
You can wear this LED mask every day, remembering that as with any skin treatment, it is important to be consistent and it’s important to use the mask often to see the results of this LED light treatment.

I found this type of face mask very practical as it’s super easy to use and you don’t need to remove any product after using it. Also, because it’s wireless, you can do other things while waiting for the mask to “work its magic”.
And as I mentioned in the video, I really liked the effects of the Blue LED light. For the red light which is anti-aging maybe the results are seen more in the long term. But since the blue light worked for me, I believe the red one should work too.
The LED light mask I used in the video is from a brand called Vanity Mask.

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