Summer outfits: inside & outside

Manu Luize
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Finally, we can go out and enjoy some summer outfits! So here’s my new selection of 4 outfits to stay in and to go out!

• Going out outfits:

Let’s start with a summer dress because you all know I love a dress and to go out in one. Especially if it’s a very feminine dress like this one. For this outfit, I chose a pink asymmetric mini dress with a long sleeve in a sheer fabric, so cute and also so elegant!

And as you will notice, I also have super curly hair in the next two photos! It was the first time in my life that I did mini curls and I had a lot of fun with this different hairstyle. It felt so new and different to me, I do a lot of messy waves on my hair, but I had never done anything like it.

It was so fun to do it, so enjoy some different me in these outfit photos:

Light pink asymmetric dress

Dress: Femme Luxe Finery | Jewellery: APM Monaco

I love a pink outfit and this dress is super cute, but also sexy because it’s a bodycon dress. So you’re able to dress sexy, but at the same time, in an elegant way.

It was my outfit for last Friday night for dinner with my friends, so it’s the perfect dress to go out. And the long sheer sleeve is lightweight and ok even for the summer, especially if you’re wearing it during the evening, while the weather is fresher.

But, now getting a little less dress up, it’s time for a more informal outfit, but very trendy.

A big trend for this season: the tie-dye top, especially this model that is sleeveless and that has padded shoulders. It’s the perfect top for traveling this summer in a very casual outfit with a pair of denim shorts or even with white pants.

Tie Dye t-shirt outfit

T-shirt: Femme Luxe Finery | Denim shorts: Pull&Bear | Jewellery: APM Monaco

So if you’re into the tie-dye trend, go for it! It’s its big moment during the summer and you can style it in so many ways and if so many colors. It also goes well in some many occasions, it only depends on how you style it. 😉

• Loungewear outfits:

I already said it before and I’ll be very sincere, I think the loungewear trend won’t leave our wardrobes for a long time. Luckily, the quarantine is over and we can go out and enjoy some sunshine, but I think loungewear will be part of our daily lives for a long time.

That’s why I’ve got two other loungewear sets that are actually so cute and elegant that I would happily wear them out of the house as well.

Black loungewear set

Loungewear set: Femme Luxe Finery | Bracelet: Les Georgettes |

This black loungewear set is great even for running errands with sneakers or with a ballerina flat! Or you can pair it with a pair of high heels for a dress-up look, they look so good!

Go with black shoes for a neutral outfit or you can also play with colourful shoes for a statement outfit!

A comfy outfit for staying in or for being busy out of the house.

My next choice is this grey loungewear set that I must say: I’ll definitely wear it out of the house! I just loved this set, it’s so elegant, cute and it looks perfect with a pair of high heeled sandals! It screams “take me out” and it will be impossible to only stay in the house when wearing it!

Grey loungewear set by Femme Luxe

Loungewear set: Femme Luxe Finery | High heeled sandals: Amaro

With trousers and a cropped top, this loungewear is very elegant and doesn’t look like you’re dressed for staying in. So I would say it’s perfect when you have guests home.

I love to dress up when I go out and I should say I’m actually surprised I enjoyed the loungewear trend this much! But I mean, when the set is so cute like this, it’s impossible not liking it, right? And by now, the loungewear style became part of our lives!

What about you? Will you be wearing your loungewear outside as well?

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