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X-Ingredients Labo Suisse is a line of personalized skincare in which you can do a combination of different active ingredients to create something specific to your skin needs.

Developed by Labo Suisse, a Swiss skincare brand, this new line makes personalized cosmetics easy to do at home and to adapt to your skin.

I tried my personalized skincare by X-Ingredients and here you can read my honest review of the treatment I created for myself using the facial cream of this line.

• Review of X-Ingredients – Labo Suisse

Just so you can understand better about this innovative line created by Labo Suisse, how does the X-Ingredients line work?

The first step is to choose a base for your cream. You can choose between:

Base R (40ml): Rich Emulsion (for Dry and very dry skin)

Base L (40ml): Light Emulsion (for normal and combination skin)

Base O (40ml): Oil-free Emulsion (for combination and oily skin) – The one I tried for this review (check my review below).

Base E: Eye and lip contour emulsion

After you choose the most adequate base to your skin, you can choose the active ingredients that are called X-Ingredients. There are 10 different strong active ingredients + 5 extra help ingredients (each has 10ml).

X-Ingredients high concentrate

All active ingredients are in high concentration, so you always need to mix them with the base emulsion before applying it to your skin.

You can choose the ingredients according to what your skin needs at the moment. Some of the ingredients’ functions are anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, to fight dark spots and dry skin. You can check them all on their website.

Then you can mix up to 3 X-Ingredients to your chosen base and you will have your personalized skincare. You can mix up to 3 drops of each ingredient with your base, when you use all 3 ingredients at once, use up to 2 drops of each one.

Sometimes our skin needs more hydration, sometimes just some anti-aging treatment or a dark spots treatment. So you can use the same base emulsion to mix different active ingredients according to what your skin needs.

Just remember that for a treatment to make a good effect on the skin, usually, it needs at least a month of use (I mean for any skincare treatment in general, not just this one and that’s why I always try any skincare product for at least a month before reviewing it here on the blog).

Now that you already know how the X-Ingredients by Labo Suisse works, I can finally get into the review of what I chose to my skin.

• Review of X-Ingredients by Labo Suisse: Base O and my anti-aging treatment

X-Ingredients Labo Suisse

If you are new here on the blog, I have combination/oily skin and especially during the summer, my skin gets oiler. Also, I’m 30 years old, so you can have a better idea of my skin.

So my choice as a base was the Base O (the oil-free option), that was developed especially for combination and oily skin.

For my X-Ingredients:

• As Strong Ingredients I have:

– X-Ingredient 1: 7 Growth Factors to fight Wrinkles and Microrelief

– X-Ingredient 5: Vitamin C, Lightening Peptide to fight Dull Skin

• As Extra Help I have:

– X-Ingredient Vitamin E, Resveratrol for Anti-Oxidant Detoxifying Effect

So I chose strong and extra help ingredients to work as an anti-aging treatment and for brighter skin.

I’ve been using this personalized treatment for little more than a whole month now, so I can review it well and I must say I really liked it!

So basically I’ve been using this skincare product morning and night, everyday. Every time I try a different skincare product, I change just one product at a time, so I can know what’s working or not.

The first thing I really liked about the X-Ingredients (apart from being able to personalize my treatment) is the texture! I love the texture of my combination: the Base oil-free + the active ingredients.

• How to mix the X-Ingredients by Labo Suisse:

How to: X-Ingredients by Labo Suisse

The instructions say you should mix 2 pumps of the base + the X-ingredients of your choice (up to 3 different active ingredients). For me, this quantity is enough to apply on my face, neck and even on the décolleté area. Which is great, so you don’t forget to apply the cream on those areas.

I usually mix all the 3 active ingredients into my cream and apply it morning and night. The base is really light and it doesn’t make my skin oily, it’s also quickly absorbed by the skin.

It has a rich and silky texture, that feels great and kind of luxurious when you apply it, I loved it! My combination also has a very light fragrance that I’ve been loving.

The process of mixing all ingredients is something very easy and quick. So if you thought it was complicated to have personalized skincare every time, in real life, it’s not.

• My final thoughts:

My skin feels smooth, hydrated and not oily after applying it. Luckily, I don’t have strong lines nor strong wrinkles, but during this month of using the products, I also didn’t notice any new lines.

In the morning, since it’s easily absorbed by the skin, you can apply your sunscreen and makeup as normal after this cream. I didn’t have any problem applying anything after the cream.

When I apply it with my night routine, I feel my skin super soft and with a velvet texture in the next morning.

This is definitely a product I’ll continue to use for my skincare routine.

This product was sent me by the brand but, as always, all reviews on this blog show my real and honest opinions about any product after I used it for at least a month.

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