Eyelash curler with heat (Anlan review)

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Have you ever heard of an eyelash curler with heat and always wondered if it really works? So I have good news: it works!

I tested an Eyelash curler with heat by the brand Anlan, which’s called Electric Eyelash Curler and I really liked the final effect on my eyelashes! Check out my full review of this product, in addition to checking the comparison of the big difference of using only the eyelash mascara against using the mascara + the electric eyelash curler.

• Eyelash curler with heat: how to use an eyelash curler heated

Curvex térmico elétrico Anlan

This is the eyelash curler that heats that I tried (and I loved it!), This one is by the brand Anlan, but I also saw other models from other brands that look like this model.

For you to see the difference that this eyelash curler made in my eyes, look at the “magic” below!

On the left side of the photo, you can see my lashes after applying mascara + the electric eyelash curler, super curled and visible. But on the right side of the photo, my eyelashes are just with the eyelash mascara, whatever they are, they hardly appear, because they are “straight”.

To check out how to use this electric eyelash curler with heat and check out all its effects on video, I filmed a video showing all the details of how to use an eyelash curler with heat and what are its effects on the lashes:

To watch the video directly on Youtube, click on Eyelash Curler with heat (Full review and how to use it).

If you liked this electric eyelash curler, you can get it with 40% off with the Anlan coupon code “anlan0707” (anlan.co) to buy this product until 7/31.

The use of this eyelash curler is very simple, as you can see in the video and the results are incredible!

It will definitely be a beauty device that I will use more often from now on and that will be part of my makeup routine.

I loved the effect because as my lashes are very straight, when using this curler, I’ve got such a beautiful effect!

* I received this product for free from the brand, but as always, all opinions are my sincere and real opinions after using a product.

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