5VIE for the Milano Design Week 2019

Manu Luize
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One of the world’s capital of fashion and design, Milan is a city full of events and one of the important one for who loves or works with architecture and design is the Salone del Mobile and the Milano Design Week in Milan (also known as Fuorisalone), that will be taking place this April, between 09/04 and 14/04.
For the 2019 Milano Design Week, the 5VIE, an integrated design district here in Milan is preparing a lot of interesting exhibitions and events. I’ve been present on the press conference a couple of days ago and here are the main attractions of the 5VIE for this Milan Design Week.

• 5VIE for the Milano Design Week 2019:

The 2019 edition of 5VIE is bringing art+design and it embraces experimentation more openly than ever to cultivate an even more international presence. This year’s goal is to consolidate their reputation as a cultural reference point, bringing together plurality of thought and international heterogeneity.
Cristina Tajani, Councillor for Labor, Manufacturing, Fashion and Design Policy, explains that “the presentations and installations proposed by 5VIE help implement the Administration’s mission to spread the vitality and creativity of Design Week to every part of the city. We believe that the Fuorisalone represents not only a great opportunity for operators in the design sphere to get together and compare notes, but for the city to offer the possibility of approaching beauty and craftsmanship through the new creative languages of design, which are often contiguous with the long artisanal traditions specific to the various quarters of Milan. An opportunity to explore the world of design, which draws strength from the collaborative efforts of the Municipality of Milan and the operators in the various districts, united by the desire to promote the city under the banner of creativity and innovation.”.
Every year, 5VIE dedicates the Milano Design Week to a great master and for 2019 their guest of honor  will be Ugo La Pietra, an artist who established his reputation back in the late ‘50s and whose production has since explored an incredible variety of creative techniques. His exhibition is entitled Design Territoriale, Genius Loci

• List of Events and Exhibitions of the 5VIE Milano Design Week 2019:

Here’s a list of exhibitions, attractions and events that will take part on the 5VIE district during the Milano Design Week 2019 edition. The list is divided according to where it will be taking place:
  • SANT’AMBROGIO e dintorni

– CARLO MASSOUD – THE FISH AND THE CROWD (curated by Maria Cristina Didero
Address: Oratorio della Passione, Piazza Sant’Ambrogio

The Fish and the Crowd is the first solo exhibition by the young Lebanese designer in Italy, and brings together a number of objects created since the designer started his studio in Beirut in 2013 until today, combined with a new production realized for the occasion.
Carlo Massoud is interested in translating the world surrounding him into every day and lively objects. For the 2019 edition of the Milan Design Week 2019, Carlo Massoud has reimagined the space of the Oratorio della Passione through a new collaboration with his sister Mary-Lynn with whom he has created a collaborative brand new project. In the space of this jewel church a number of objects play the role of an imaginary crowd, seated on benches. For The Fish and the Crowd Carlo and Mary-Lynn Massoud quote the classical icons of Christianity and its liturgies (the religion they also belong to) to involve the viewers in an intense and ironical reflection suspended between the physicality of the objects and the spiritual tension of the context.

–  ANTON ALVAREZ – L’ULTIMA CERA (curated by Nicolas Bellavance- Lecompte)
Address: Chiesa di San Bernardino alle Monache, via Lanzone 13

The work of artist and designer Anton Alvarez is futuristic and primitive at the same time. With the exhibition L’Ultima Cera, Anton explores an ancient material in a new and innovative way: bronze. Commissioned by curator Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and produced by 5VIE in collaboration with the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia in Milan as part of their new program of commissions and residencies, Alvarez adapts his machine, called ‘Extruder’, to work with wax. The extruder is a large metal cylinder hung from the ceiling by chains, using an electric motor to exert more than 2,000 kilos of pressure on the wax, pushing it through different moulds and cut-outs into a pool of cold water, where the artist uses his hands to give the wax its final form. When the wax is set, all the pieces are cast in bronze, each one-of-a- kind. Alvarez produces twelve pieces, this being the first time that an artist has approached bronze with such a technique.


Address: International English Centre, Via Medici, 15

FORO Studio + Alessandro Iovine present Rug-o-rama, a series of carpets in different materials intended as an homage to the city of Milan. With the ardor of a lover, the designers seek to capture the many identities of the metropolis, making its beauty their own, filtering it through the attentive eye of those whose work is dedicated to bringing the tangible closer to the intangible. The challenge is to transmit the power of a place to a furnishing element – a carpet in this case – where the physicality of the materials encounters the ephemeral nature of emotion and memory. The final product is therefore rooted in the territory, but at the same time free to tell multiple stories in multiple places. The concept involves the use of recycled materials from local industries and artisans in the furniture sector, with the aim of giving them new life, transforming them into unique objects. The carpets are hand-woven on a reticular support that ensures structural integrity. The exhibition will guide the viewer along a visionary and varied path in search of the right perspective from which to admire the many facets of Milan.


Address: Via Medici, 13
Light to see and feel people and space.
Light like a vision, but also like a feeling.
Light expressing mystery, deep reflection and seduction.


Address: Via Circo, 1
Lizard for Design Week 2019 presents a small selection of Ana Popescu’s acrylic paintings. Born in Romania, grew up in France and now lives in Vienna. Her work is a constant experiment trying to combine formal elements such as shape and color. She is mainly inspired by architecture – Bauhaus and socialist modernism. Each one of her projects tries to render simple scenes in something more complex.


In the charming setting of the Oratorio della Passione, a new Info Point this year, 5VIE will dedicate a space to the bookshop of Fattobene / Italian Everyday Archetypes, a platform for the research and valorization of Italian objects that have been around forever. Like the MoMA in New York, which has recently reserved a corner for Fattobene in its bookshop, this space will represent for 5VIE -“design museum network”- a space dedicated to the Italian spirit, where visitors can learn about anonymous Italian design objects that have written, and continue to write, the history of our culture.
• SANTA MARTA e dintorni
– ROBERTO SIRONI – HUMAN CODE – curated by Annalisa Rosso 

Address: SIAM – Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Via Santa Marta 18

Roberto Sironi’s solo show HUMAN CODE, presented in the underground spaces of SIAM during Milano Design Week 2019, is the culmination of a reflection that has characterized the enquiry of the Milanese designer from the outset. An autobiographical project that brings together anthropology, technology, data analysis, and experimentation with processes and materials, as well as memories of illuminating encounters and journeys of exploration. Set in a parallel dimension with respect to the city streets, the exhibition traces the most important stages of human evolution. A series of pieces, exhibited here for the first time, fuse fragments of the past and present into a single human code, in a dense sedimentation that spans 300,000 years. Sironi’s work seems to suggest that the Anthropocene – the current geological age connoted by the impact of humankind on the planet, whose symbolic date is 16 July 1945 – actually begins with the earliest appearance of human beings, who have always had an antithetical relationship with nature. In the cellars of the SIAM building adjacent to the Roman ruins on which the city of Milan is built, the designer projects his gaze thousands of years forward. Through this space-time passage, familiar objects of the present become mysterious and powerful archaeological artifacts, re-emerging in a distant future where the artificial and natural components are stratified together in an indissoluble way. A powerful suggestion that leads the viewer to question the condition of human existence. This exhibition is made possible by the collaboration of Abet Laminati, main sponsor of the event, and by the technical partnerships with Fonderia Artistica
Battaglia, Neonlauro, Serpentino & Graniti, Indexlab, and Serra 1938. With the support of SIAM – Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri.
For the fourth year, DESIGN PRIDE invades the 5VIE district with its pop, democratic and
engaging spirit. Led by Seletti and Esselunga, the street parade confirms itself as a great party of creativity: thanks to Esselunga the students of IED of Milan will parade presenting the iconic vans of the brand customised by themselves. The parade will also be liven up by Sammontana, the ice cream brand that presents its joyful, ironic and convivial mood.
The event continues under the middle finger of Maurizio Cattelan with Tempo Rocks Piazza
Affari, a party which celebrates the new hanky box Tempo designed by Diesel, and with a
surprising food experience by Heinz to celebrate the 150 anniversary of its iconic sauces. The date is on Wednesday 10 April at 6pm at Piazza Castello (corner of Via Minghetti): the parade will be enlivened with floats, music, dances and performances and will cross the district arriving in Piazza Affari.

Address: Via Santa Marta, 14APPARATUS will present INTERLUDE, an intervening body of limited work, breaking from the ACTs of the studio’s narrative progression. Embroidery, alabaster, burl, and eel skin ground the collection in decorative references, while playful proportion and scale carry the work into a historical fantasy.

Address: Via Santa Marta, 19/aBDDW is a small american design and fabrication company. All of BDDW’s pieces are designed and developed by the company’s founder, Tyler Hays, and built in his Philadelphia studio by a talented team of craftspeople. Over the past 25 years, BDDW has become an internationally recognized luxury brand known for heirloom quality furniture, ceramics, and clothing. The flagship showroom is on crosby street in new york city. BDDW also maintains a boutique outpost in milan, italy, which it shares with Tyler’s M. Crow brand. New work from BDDW and M. Crow by Tyler Hays is also represented by their friends at the blue mountain school in London.

Address: Via Santa Marta, 10
Avant-garde and goldsmith tradition in the Spring 2019 collection dedicated to 5Vie:design shaped in 18 carat gold and fancy diamonds!
Lingottino, since 1990, updates every year his assortment with a new collection available in his headquarters in Milano, via Santa Marta 10, first floor.
Also this year ,on occasion of the Design week, we are proud to present unusual forms result of chisels and goldsmith traditions matching fancy diamonds, natural coloured diamonds which range from ice-white to pink and brown, a rainbow coming from the most hidden mines in the world!

Address: Studio c/o Studio Nerino, Via Santa Marta, 21

What if you could land on a beach in the heart of Milan? During the Milano Design Week, Sara Ricciardi has been invited to interpret the French company Serge Ferrari through a unique installation. It is the second year that the brand presents its work at the 5Vie District, at via Santa Marta. L’Île de Serge is an immersive and multi-sensory exhibition to launch the new line of extra-soft fabrics for outdoor furniture and show at the same time the immense range of materials produced by the French group: all outdoor textiles will be showcased in an inspiring ecosystem.
Address: Via Santa Marta, 21
Volker Haug Studio versus John Hogan features the collaborative works of Melbourne-based lighting practice Volker Haug Studio and Seattle glass artist John Hogan.
Metal is Volker Haug Studio’s material of choice, its treatment the cornerstone of their fabrication process. An approach to the inherent qualities of material interlocks with Hogan’s exploratory works with glass and forges this series of sculptural light fittings.
Volker Haug Studio versus John Hogan is a collaboration of glass and metal brought together by light. The exhibition will run from April 9th to April 14th at Via Santa Marta 21, Milan.

Address: Via Santa Marta, 10Suite 2603 opens its doors and invites you to experience its unique and exclusive atmosphere.
Discover and feel the superior softness of 300-thread count cotton. Experience timeless, long lasting, unsurpassed quality made possible with a collaboration of one of the top Italian companies known for high end fibers, capable of transforming each bedroom into an elegant 5-star suite.
Adolfo Carrara, creator of the project, reproduces in the spaces of Via Santa Marta 10 the suite of your dreams and invites you to enjoy a moment of pause in the frenetic days of the Salone del Mobile: a suggestive interlude of silence and relaxation, savoring the authentic charm of a luxury hotel.
Address: Galleria Rubin, Via Santa Marta, 10
The Japanese company CONDE HOUSE creates furniture elements with the natural wood from the Hokkaido forests since 1968, reveiling the heart of Japan in a harmony of delicate forms and complex functions. During the Milan Design Week the brand presents the new collection NUPRI, created by the worldwide-celebrated designer Toshiyuki Kita. The products draw inspiration from the Ainu culture, the indigenous population of Hokkaido, and from the special symbiosis between man, natural elements and technology, revealing a unique style that adds to the excellence of craftsmanship a special attention to the most advanced production techniques. The design of the seating collection explores the themes of well-being and comfort, to support the human anatomy as an extension of the body while maintaining a balanced and graceful aesthetic.
Address: Via Santa Marta, 6
Deodato Arte Gallery presents “Milan is beautiful”, the first Italian solo exhibition of Mr. Brainwash, the visionary street artist internationally known. On view a collection of over one hundred works, from the unique pieces to the huge design sculptures, from neon installations to the spray cans specially designed to honor Milan and Italian cities. An unprecedented show that marks the long-awaited official debut of Mr. Brainwash in Italy.

Address: Via Santa Marta angolo Via del Bollo
Francesco Garbelli will create a new mural entitled “Twelve years” for the Design Week 2019. This new mural will replace the one presented last year, renewing the wall located in via S. Marta corner via del Bollo. The themes dealt with in this new work are, like last year, the environmental ones, but with particular attention to those concerning the production and recycling of waste and the circular economy. Twelve years is the term of time that scientists have communicated to the UN, to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Address: Piazza Mentana, 3
Big Apple explores space by analyzing the relationship between fullness and emptiness, the interaction between built space and the natural environment, enhancing meditation as an experience of contemplating nature. Among the protagonists of the Milan Design Week at Big Apple, we find 06D, a pair of Italian designers, who have collaborated with Azul, producer of marble, to create a collection of furnishing accessories for Fine Marble & Tiles, new brand of accessories based in Switzerland. 06D, formed by Francesca Adami and Mauro Fragiotta, presents also some pieces of the Thinness collection. Thinness is a journey into lightness, with pieces of furniture made entirely of steel – very thin – folded, welded, painted and finished by hand. Everything is made in Brianza, the area with the highest design content in the furniture world. The accurate processing is a tribute to the Italian artisan tradition.
Address: Piazza Mentana, 3

Candiani Denim is a shop specialized in the sale of jeans made exclusively with Italian denim fabric. The store carries the name of the renowned denim manufacturer that has been operating since 1938 in the Ticino Park, just a few steps from Milan. Candiani is a historic family business in its fourth generation that occupies a leading position in the global denim market thanks to the values on which it is founded: Made in Italy, Innovation and Sustainability. The store’s mission is to transmit denim culture to the final consumer by visualizing the verticality of the supply chain from the production of the fabric to the finished jean. Therefore, all brands found in the store offer jeans made exclusively with Candiani Denim fabric. Each item is distinguished by the Golden Rivet, a visual representation of the quality of Candiani’s Premium Denim.
Objects steeped in the past, and worn by time, retelling their stories in new clothes. Memories that return, renewed, through family heirlooms given new life. This is the philosophy of Milanese designer Nicoletta Gatti’s new collection “Sedute Esaurite.” Re-covering old family chairs with precious and rare Rubelli fabrics which have been out of stock for years, Nicoletta has created a delicate balance between yesterday and today, between memory and modernity. The fabrics used in the collection include original designs by Giò Ponti and Donghia. Striped velvet, damasks, textured dots, jacquard, wool and silk velvet, chosen with sensibility and a discerning eye, are juxtaposed to create chairs that are one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated. Like our memories.
Address: SIAM – Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Via Santa Marta, 18
Since 2008 Switzerland-based Ormond Editions represents from the most esteemed to the emerging talents of contemporary design with an emphasis on artisanal craftsmanship and materiality. Ormond Editions also creates its own collections, distributed worldwide. This year Ormond Editions presents a new collection – a set of eight furniture and lighting pieces – created in collaboration with the French duo Garnier & Linker. The pieces are designed with sculptural and contemporary lines, made of variations of different wood types, plaster, slate, Vals stone and bronze, all handcrafted in France.
This collection is presented alongside the latest creations by Garnier & Linker. After a successful presentation of their furniture collection last year, Garnier & Linker unveils a large selection of lighting made of alabaster, bronze and lost- wax cast glass.
Address: SIAM – Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Via Santa Marta, 18
Theoreme Editions is a French “Maison d’Edition” of designer furniture and objects launching in Milan this April 2019. Founded and curated by David Giroire and Jerome Bazzocchi, Theoreme Editions brings together a unique selection of contemporary designers and the finest artisans and manufacturers, all experts in their fields, to create a desirable and singular collection of livable design pieces of exceptional craftsmanship.
Address: SIAM – Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Via Santa Marta, 18
ORCHESTRA is an exhibition produced by SIAM in collaboration with miFAC Gallery and deriva at its second edition.
The project aims to create a space to engage visitors and designers in a discussion, promoting a collective participation and the establishment of empathic relationships between the creatives, the public and the products.
For the Milano Design Week 2019, ORCHESTRA organises the Design Feast: an ephemeral event, which echoes the dynamics of a festival and celebrates design as a collective performance; this year edition is curated by Fulvio Giannotti and Michele Palumbo.
Address: Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Via Santa Marta, 18

The design practices KANZ and ZPSTUDIO, and the craftsman / designer Lorenzo Franceschinis join forces to widen the horizon on contemporary design, bringing the different field of expertise under the same light, with a project where different materials are blended through archaic and innovative techniques. This experimentation process with blown glass, a delicate filigree of 3D printed marble and hand-turner wood converge into a limited edition production of homeware and furnishing accessories.
Address: SIAM – Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Via Santa Marta, 18
HoperAperta is a project shared by many actors to relate different skills, to transform a serial object (design) into a single object (art-design) and a single object in an art work.
A group of six authors, have been called to collaborate with some brand (Cl Italia, Julia Marmi, Marmi Faedo, MR, Officine Tamborrino, Staygreen), to re- interpret the project as a result of a dialectic that reinvents forms and materials of the environmental decoration. Alfonso Femia, Duccio Grassi, Federico Spagnulo, Fabio Cammarata, NùeVù and Maurizio Barberis, authors with different stories and skills, are compared through a single theme, to propose their own vision of the world. The design dissolves into art and a new concept appears on the horizon, moving the shapes towards artefacts rich of a rediscovered symbolic value.
Address: SIAM – Società d’Incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Via Santa Marta, 18

Camp Design Gallery is pleased to present “Boundaries” a new project by Matteo Pellegrino in collaboration with Gobbetto. “Too often the word and the concept of border are abused, creating confusion and an exaggerated run-up to define everything that is different from criminalizing it and making it an enemy. Boundaries intends to show in a visual way as not from the delimitation but rather from the contamination of cultures generates beauty and potentially enrichment of the parties involved.
Address: Via Santa Marta, 11
For the Design Week 2019 Arjumand presents the new SILK ROUTE collection wallpapers and fabrics.

Address: Via Santa Marta, 14
The collaboration between Bitossi Home, editor of tableware, and the Milanese space Funky Table continues for the third consecutive year. This year is B- LOOM, an interpretation of objects that turn into amazing flower boxes. For the occasion, the fruitful collaboration is enriched by a series of vases. An unprecedented story of style, without rules, where once again everything is worth it!

Address: Via Santa Marta, 13
In the “5 VIE” District of Milan, “Atelier OMV”, via Santa Marta 13, reveals to the public Osanna Visconti’s collection of Leaf Occasional Table, unique pieces created with the lost wax casting tecnique, that will be presented in a new cosy athmosphere.
Still the naturalistic reason is a conductor wire that never abandons the creations of the designer. The perfect synthesis between craftsmanship, nature and elegance can be found in her feature, specimens of sought after leaves transformed into bronze sculptures of unique styles.
– EBO – Textile design and creations – NATURAL REFLECTIONS

Address: Laboratorio Marcello del Giudice, Via Santa Marta, 21
Feeling and reflection, inspiration, observation and thought; nature and art have always been in active dialogue with one another, a relationship that generates a bond between form and concept. Natural Reflections elaborates the idea of the garden as a metaphorical place wherein to cultivate oneself, to achieve happiness and peace, the latin beatitudo, the greek eudaimonia. The furnishing object becomes a symbolic element and, acquiring poetic memory, it contributes to the creation of its own “garden”, of the place in which to live and to feel good.
Address: Spazio Big, Via Santa Marta, 10
Innovation combined with passion and respect for tradition is the mission of Decortex today. Manufacturing is strictly done in Europe by the countries leading textile mills that uses first quality raw material, such as the finest Italian silk woven on the best looms. This prestigious brand markets its products through a worldwide network and its textiles are used by international leading interior designers, architects, decorators, upholsterers, and private individuals to create unique atmospheres in public spaces, prestigious hotels, luxury yachts, and private homes.

Address: Spazio Big, Via Santa Marta, 10

Gastón y Daniela is more than a brand; we are a line of high-end quality textiles and wallpapers, thanks to our spirit that has been around since the first shop was established in 1876. First and foremost, we remain open to the new aesthetic trends and harmonize the use of innovative technologies whilst sticking to the basics of our historical archive. We take pride in our quality and our attention to detail that we bring together through the professionals that we work with for each individual project. We never stop moving forward.
Address: Spazio Big, Via Santa Marta, 10
The new ‘Noble Savage 2’ collection by Designs of the Time is inspired by the native Aboriginal culture. Their special connection with the natural world is translated via the use of noble materials, like linen, wool, goat’s wool, and chalk. The subtle structures, the unique colour palette, and the geometric abstraction of the ‘dream images’ give the new collection an individual yet contemporary character. The natural, nonchalant curtain and upholstery fabric create a nomadic ambience and bring your interior to life.
Address: Fondazione Lighea Onlus, Via Santa Marta 15, entrance from Via San Maurilio
From the combination of “the sweet elegance of loose projects” with Murano glass comes a collection of objects with a unique taste in which contrasting tactility establish a new dialogue: between hot and cold, soft and hard, shiny and opaque. Opposite aspects that characterise the editions resulting from the collaboration between Colleoni Arte and Purho and narrate the long investigation in the areas of contact between the world of fabric and glass. Objects in search of an integrated, contemporary functionality able to establish a new emotional value through the masterly manipulation of special materials, plastic shapes, chromatic variations, tactile and visual sensations.

Address: Davide Gatto, Via Santa Marta, 15
ROU Materiaal was founded in 2013 in Ravenna, Italy. It designs and creates sculpture tables and wooden sculptures handmade, starting from the search for woods of centuries-old Italian trees cut down because sick or dead standing – treated with resins, sands, stuccos – unique pieces of art-design with an eclectic use. It also creates art fabrics- with the use of centuries-old molds and techniques reinterpreted in a contemporary way – that are part of collections in which each piece is identified with a name. The use of resin on the art fabrics creates suggestions that refer to the techniques used on wood and evoke rough and stony surfaces. ROU MATERIAAL also works on project.
Address: Via Orefici, 2
A didactic workshop in collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano. Objective: the pipe as life companion: culture and tradition from raw material to the final product. Savinelli started an innovative collaboration with the students of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milano, in order to create a new line of pipes and accessories limited to 100 pieces, that will be sold exclusively at the Savinelli shop in Via Orefici, Milano, during Salone del Mobile. The project entails a new packaging and a special accessory designed by the students of the Accademia.
Address: Galleria Gilda Contemporary, Via San Maurilio, 14
ARNODECLERCQ will be presenting for the first time during a fair his newest collection of interior and bespoke objects. Objects and furniture designed and made by Arno in Belgium. With materials as burned Iroko wood, Oak, Stolz Leather, smoked glass and patinated steel. A collection existing out of Sofa’s, tables, vases and candle holders and many more objects for timeless interiors, which is presented worldwide since he started 2 years ago.
Address: Via San Maurilio, 11
Mirabilia is a new patterns collection, designed by the designer Domenico Orefice, that describes his visual world. This is applicable to various surfaces in interior space, such as fabrics or wallpapers, and they are printed on different types of materials and surfaces, to represent their graphic two-dimensionality. These patterns cover ‘Lo Studio’ space in Via San Maurilio 11, in the heart of 5 VIE, an area dedicated to the union between design and art. The environment is defined by the patterns and their meanings, which create a contemporary and emotional space. These ‘drawings’ on fabrics or papers define all the elements of this ‘Room of Wonders’, defining the space itself.

Address: Adima, Via San Maurilio, 19
Giopato & Coombes present “To the Moon and Back”, a journey that takes the two designers on a path that joins the surreal with the ordinary. Light is the common thread.
Dreaming with eyes wide open they continue their research into Supernatural Daydreams.
Aiming for the moon, a dream, explorations and the wonder of collecting pieces to bring back to earth as treasures from a far away place. The research has opened up new materials alongside Murano handblown glass including bone china, oxidised brass, corroded glass, all developed with innovative led technology. The exhibition looks into a world between material and digital.
Throughout this journey 3 collections have been developed, suspended in an abstact world, that represent different phases of the journey.

Address: Via San Maurilio, 20
MALAGA4 comes from the collaboration between Monica Dolfini, internationally well-known stylist, and the producer Elena Vannucci. The Malaga Bag tells the story of faraway lands, like notes of a long journey from the East to Europe. Tapestry fabrics, trimmings and tassels lended from interior decoration, passionately sourced from markets all over the world, are accurately mixed creating a set of unique pieces.

Address: Alson Gallery, via San Maurilio, 11
Max Dudler’s exhibition Narrating Spaces reaches towards his architecture through interiors and furniture he has designed. With regards to spatial atmosphere, a room in itself functions like a house or even a whole city. Every design is thusly characterized by an approach that is reduced to the essentials: clear forms and quality materials.
In collaboration with Deutsche Werkstätten, the exhibition combines large- format photographs by Stefan Müller with a series of furniture pieces by Max Dudler.
Address: Via San Maurilio, 14
During the Design Week 2019, in the setting of 5Vie Milano Ottica San Maurilio invites you to discover eyewear collections inspired by the passion and research picked up through the travels by the designer: Jean Philippe Joly. Quality glasses made with great attention to detail, colours carefully proportionate to each other, and perfect combinations of shiny and opaque, guaranteed by the choice of acetates provided by the company Mazzucchelli, all hand-made by small Italian craft companies.
– ALBERTO LEVI GALLERY – PAR TERRE – I tappeti di Barbara Frua

Address: Via San Maurilio, 24
During the event of the Design Week 2019 Alberto Levi Gallery will present, TRAME SVELATE – The carpets by Barbara Frua. The marine world, the elegance of the agaves and the early twentieth-century decorativism relive in unusual perspectives in the new collection of Barbara Frua. Creativity is expressed between regenerated silks and natural Thai fibers that bring the interior designer’s chromatism to the garden as well.
Barbara Frua, Interior designer with eclectic and sophisticated colorism, in collaboration with Alberto Levi Gallery, in Via San Maurilio 24, in the heart of the 5 VIE, has created a collection of carpets produced in three different weaving techniques.

Address: San Maurì, Via San Maurilio, 4
Francesca Mo, an architect from Milan, has been successfully in the field of authorial jewellery for years. Her research is based on two basics: the observation of how nature in time takes back anthropic artefacts distorting their original forms, colours and proportions restoring their primordial virginity and the study of the chromatic juxtaposition of materials. During the next design week she will presents two projects: Narcissus ring collection and Wunderbox. You will find the limited edition Narcissus at San Maurì Restaurant at via San Maurilio. Wunderboxes are five boxes with many illuminated little windows etched into the mirror surface. Looking through them you find out different images related to memories beautiful, ugly poetic, funny or sad ones that bind us to our lives.
Address: Via Nerino, 8
ELIGO presents PODESTÀ SEDIE, with a pictorial installation. The unreleased re-edition of the Chiavari Chairs collection become the scenery for a chance meeting of two lovers in a bistrot room overlooking a typical Milanese court. The historical Chiavarese workshop presents itself in a new way thanks to the Milanese studio-brand art direction that reinterprets the queen of the Italian chair, iconic and timeless.
Address: Via Nerino, 8
Officinanove is an Italian design brand capable of enhancing an undervalued material such as iron by transforming it into an object of design. The uniqueness of the company is enriched with a proposal of over 18 colors, ranging from classic to trendy. Officinanove aims to amaze with new objects that see in the utility, originality and artistic content their peculiar characteristics able to communicate the idea of a colorful, exciting and creative life.
Address: Via Nerino, 8
Alla Carta Studio & Shop is a new space located in the heart of the 5vie District in Milan. The space is the head quarter to Alla Carta Studio creative agency and Alla Carta magazine, but also an actual show-room that hosts launches, events, talks – not only connected to the studio inner world but involving all the aspects of what surrounds it – and a shop featuring a selection of the Alla Carta Collections, along with the magazine. The official opening of Alla Carta Studio & Shop is planned for Salone del Mobile 2019 with a special event, during which Alla Carta issue 14 (SS19) will be launched along with a special edition of hand-embroidered napkins and an exclusive collaboration with Sunnei fashion brand.

Address: Via Nerino, 8
The new collection of plates “Athletae Gymmetria” of Laboratorio Paravicini is presented in a multimedia capacity thanks to the partnership with FrameDealer video communication agency. The body of the athletes and the decoration on the ceramics mix and move between light, matter and sound in a kaleidoscopic video installation. The showroom of the Laboratorio Paravicini is thus renewed with the contribution of Eligo Studio set-up.

Address: Via Valpetrosa, 5
To celebrate its first participation to the Design Week, THE CLOISTER, hosts the French Designer Sam Baron. Sam showcase a new series of pieces ranging from 2D to 3D and embracing the use of multiple materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain or textile. The distinctive designer sense of narrative is visible and tangible also thanks to these groups of objects to be seen as completed and finished experimentation coupled with hand made sketches, prints and collages: all celebrating the 500 Anniversary of Leonardo and his last French period works.
Address: Via Morigi, 9
Creative, restless and curious artist, she creates unique pieces of tables, mirrors, cabinets, using resin together with various techniques such as painting, photography, graphics, collages. Her compositions crystallize in the resin crating a personal narrative path.

Address: Via Morigi, 9
The architects bastianello/costa/marchetti/fabro are pleased to present a small and sophisticated interior design project with hand painted wallpapers and embroidered silk tapestries by Elena Carozzi and the latest edition of glass sculpture lamps created by Angela Ardisson with Artplayfactory, in the spaces of their headquarter in Via Morigi 9. Riflesso Botanico is an event that marks the continuity of a passion born working together and fixes a new step in the evolution of the two artists.
Address: Via Morigi, angolo via Vigna
SUPERSLABS is a spatial sculpture, an archetype in between a threshold and a gate that adds a contemporary twist to the terrazzo surfaces of Mipa’s SLABS collection: sustainable materials that create palettes of highly decorative surfaces.
This size paves the way to new applications as it offers new technical properties and adds a very distinctive and nonconventional ring to the meaning of “terrazzo”.
SUPERSLABS is an item for city life that shows all the flexibility and aesthetic power of this new material.

Address: Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 7 (entrance from the square of Torre Gorani)
With the focus on material research and on the artisanal preciousness, Antes Design, a young Milanese brand founded by Antonella Tesei, proposes furniture where the relationship between essential shapes, wood, and metal is studied in depth in a precise compositional balance where the graphic sign and the colours play a key role. The uniqueness of the proposals is revealed in the details, in the coatings of the tables and chairs, as well as in the wainscoting – where the wood takes on the visual effect of a sophisticated fabric.

Address: Via Cesare Correnti courtyard, 14

Ugo La Pietra presents the solo exhibition Design Territoriale, Genius Loci, which explores the master’s interest in submerged material culture – i.e. the type of artistic craftsmanship capable of supporting and representing the work of art, capable of becoming a research laboratory for design, while at the same time providing tools to connote architecture. The result of this activity has led to a heightened awareness of the extraordinary heritage that still distinguishes our territory, giving rise to the growing trend of “territorial design”. That is to say, design that is born of the analysis of the “resources of the territory”, not only material resources, but those that serve as vehicles of traditional values, artisanal techniques that been consolidated over time and constitute our artistic and cultural heritage. The works on display are a symbolic sample of the collections of objects conceived by Ugo La Pietra and other artists and designers, but built by craftsmen who, in doing so, continue to uphold their traditions in a new expression of their culture and territory.
Among the many historic areas of specialized production that remain vital today: the mosaics of Spilimbergo, Monreale and Ravenna, the stone of Lecce and Lavagna, the alabaster of Volterra, the marble of Carrara and Verona, the glass of Murano, Altare and Colle Val d’Elsa, the ceramics of Grottaglie, Caltagirone, Vietri sul Mare, Albissola, and Faenza, and the bronze casting of Verona.
– KIKI VAN EIJK & JOOST VAN BLEISWIJK – CONNECT (with the participation of Niels Hoebers, Sander Wassink, Michela Castagnaro)
Address: Via Cesare Correnti 14

The lack of empathy is a growing problem of our time. Connect, a site-specific installation by Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk, explores the theme of connection – between nature and people, between subconscious creativity and physical expression, between the crossover of different disciplines and the use of materials. For Kiki and Joost, it all starts with drawing, an instinctive process that is followed by a long prototyping phase of rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty, experimenting and building with different materials and colors. Their method revolves around a constant and intimate collaboration, where the reciprocal influence is as stimulating as it is respectful. This shared approach reinforces their separate identities without compromising them. As often happens with creative couples, the final product is a private story that becomes a public homage.
Kiki van Eijk presents Free Form, a series of ceramic LED lamps modeled on the repetition of natural forms and their coexistence with humanity. With Space Poetry, Kiki examines the relationship between space and architecture, translating it into a series of unique pieces that subtly suggest their own physicality and function.
Joost van Bleiswijk presents Curved and Taped, sculptural forms that focus on the expressive gesture, distancing them from functionality, while hisInterlocking Panels are imaginary objects with interconnected minimalist forms. In Connect, their works are intertwined, pushing past the boundaries of architecture, art and design, and demonstrating that incredible things can happen when we allow ourselves the opportunity to share and collaborate.
“In my capacity as General Consul of the Netherlands, I appreciate the high standards of the international curatorial selection, and I consider the growing presence of Dutch designers in the 5VIE district to be a very positive development”, comments Johan Verboom. “Since 2016, the Embassy and Consulate have collaborated with the district, and this year we decided to support this project with the shared aim of promoting talent and design”.

Address: Via Cesare Correnti, 14

The fourth edition of LOCAL MILAN will be unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Week in the 5 Vie district, the historic heart of Milan and centre of art, design and culture.
Presented by EMMA ELIZABETH and LOCAL DESIGN, LOCAL MILAN NO.4 will feature 44 Australian / New Zealand designers and will be the largest independent showcase of Australian design to date in Milan. With a vision to advance awareness and understanding of Australian design amongst a global audience, the exhibition of the designers’ work is heavily curated and stylised by LOCAL DESIGN’s Emma Elizabeth. Where she invites guests to walk through these editorially arranged sets, that bring the collective of designers together to celebrate colour, texture and sound.

Ilo Rugs – Immerse
Studiopepe e Almost Black
Massimiliano Camoletto, Ilo e Studiopepe – Into the desert
Address: Via Cesare Correnti, 14
An immersive sensorial experience of three exhibitions featuring rugs and furniture will be presented in this edition of Fuori Salone at Via Cesare Correnti 14. For this year’s Salone ILO Rugs will present its dream-like collection of rugs set within a very special interior in the palazzo Cesare Correnti 14. The ethereal setting is further enhanced by a fantastic light installation that will reveal the carpets in the most sensorial way. ILO is continuing to push the boundaries of craft and design by introducing a new material into its palette of designer rugs: metallic yarn. The reflections of gold and silver tones transform these pieces into veritable objet d’art.
The Milanese Design Studio STUDIOPEPE teams with furniture brand Almost Black to create its signature collection of edition pieces. A collection of sculptural elements, composed by chairs, daybeds, tables, cabinets and more, characterized by pure geometries and enhanced by precious surfaces and materials: solid black basalt stone, marble, concrete, and many others, all handcrafted by Indian artisans. This east west collaboration joins Italian design and Indian handcraft heritage as a tribute to Le Corbusier’s and Pierre Jeanneret’s work in India, and the design of the iconic pieces of Chandigarh. The collection entitled Dharma will be an itinerant exhibition that will launch in Milan during Salone del Mobile and then travel around globe through America Europe and Asia.
A beautiful poetic vision of international award-winning architect Massimiliano Camoletto, Into the Desert explores the wild and untamed stretches of arid land that surround most of his Middle Eastern Projects. Camolletto has designed a stunning intervention in the Palazzo at Cesare Correnti that transforms 18th century paneled rooms into a desert-like room with his new rug collection and furniture. Camoletto’s exhibition will showcase his furniture design and his his first foray in to rug design with Ilo.
Address: Via Cesare Correnti, 14

Sahabi and Sturkenboom are joining forces. Mark Sturkenboom launches three new projects including What A Time To Be Alive, a series of ‘liquid like’ mirrors made from crashed supercars. He shows intentional objects where he welcomes viewers into his conceptual narrative. Siba Sahabi shows her three kinetic artworks that translate digital information (music) into analogue images (patterns). Her installation expresses the complex relationship between music and it’s graphical notation.

Address: Teatro Arsenale, Via Cesare Correnti, 11
LAUFEN presents a special installation in collaboration with the visionary studio Snarkitecture. The conceptual and experiential itinerary will connect two precise points: the origin, represented by the material, and the arrival point that is the finished product. From clay to ceramic, from powdered earth to liquid slip, all the way to the silky polish of SaphirKeramik: the installation “photographs” that various stages of the material, without filters, without alteration, in an essential perspective.

Address: Via Edmondo de Amicis, 19
During the Fuori Salone 2019, Strategic Footprints agency’s terrace which has hosted, for the last four years, special projects of independent brands selected by Martina Gamboni it becomes the stage for the site-specifc installation “Land”, designed by Masquespacio and curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri, celebrating 100 years of the Poggi Ugo furnace, one of the largest and oldest furnaces in Italy. “The symbolic room” is the installation designed by Morgane Roux, architect-designer from Paris and founder of Atelier Aveus*, hosted in the Strategic Footprint agency’s meeting room.

Address: Via Giangiacomo Mora, 12
Dream and magic, love and fantasy, the Lisa Corti spring-summer 2019 takes us into distant worlds, real or imagined, but vivid in the fabrics and designs that give life to the Home collection. A new lifestyle that wants to be a universe to be discovered and take inspiration from Lisa’s trip to Thailand, in particular at Royal Palace in Bangkok. She was drawn to something absolutely unique and different from the rest: the whole basement of a temple entirely covered with Chinese floral tiles of the ‘700. White, pink and blue, turned into more intense and sweetened tones, are the background of a poetic dance between fauna and flora in Lisa Corti’s home worlds.

Address: Corso di Porta Ticinese angolo Via Giangiacomo Mora, 1
Variegation, sustainability and affordability: the answer to new consumer behavior is a model based on the luxury of non-ownership. Introducing an original format in collaboration with #Affortable and #MonShareArt, DressYouCan opens up the first “Not for Sale Store”: a peep into the future of design, art and fashion where anything can be rented and owning is superfluous.
Address: Via Giangiacomo Mora, 20
The brand Keep Life was born in 2017. In the same year, it was licensed and recognised as industrial invention. KL uses dried fruit shells (in Italy we collect about 300 thousand tons of dried fruit per year) to generate an eco- sustainable, innovative and bio-inspired material. It is living matter, continuity of a shell, extension of a tree, direct line between nature and man. Involving craftsmen, designers and technicians, KL is building a network of professionals engaged in a conscious design.
Address: Corso Genova, 6
During Milan Design Week, BIFFI BOUTIQUES will host in its store in Corso Genova RE-ENGINEERED HUMAN, an installation by WRÅD – focus design company and brand dedicated to sustainable innovation and social change. The display, as well as the innovative and exclusive capsule mineral-dyed with recycled graphite, is a manifesto of the need to re-engineer our focus and re- sync ourselves with the needs of humans and the planet. WRÅD exclusively for BIFFI BOUTIQUES – designed to challenge the status quo.
Address: Via Scaldasole 7
During MDW2019, Six will reveal a brand new project that will become part of the Six world. It’s the new hôtellerie project The Sister Hotel, with the concept envisioned by Six art director Samuele Savio and the interior design curated by the designer duo Quincoces- Dragò, founders of the Six Gallery. Alongside the hospitality novelty, Six Gallery will present Six Project, the new design collection by Quincoces-Dragò, which will carry visitors onto an oriental atmosphere. Finally, it will be possible to relax in the intimate setting of GinO12 Sixième bistrot.
Address: Palazzo Francesco Turati, Via Meravigli, 7

Masterly-The Dutch in Milano. Dutch Pavilion is into its fourth edition. The selected participants including renowed designers, emerging talents, companies, schools and design galleries, will present furniture, lighting, home accessories, one-off pieces in the splendid rooms of Palazzo Francesco Turati. 2019 marks the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death, with many events spread in The Netherlands; also Masterly’ presentations will be inspired by the work of this great artist. “This project, which we have supported since its inception, is a valuable showcase for Dutch talent,” adds Dutch Consul General Johan Verboom.

– THE LITTA VARIATIONS / OPUS 5 – curated by MoscaPartners
Address: Palazzo Litta, Corsa Magenta, 24

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2019 – from 9 to 14 April – Palazzo Litta will host The Litta Variations / Opus 5, curated by MoscaPartners. The project will include twenty-two exhibitors with over sixty-five designers of the international scene: a total of eleven countries from all over the world will animate the spaces of Cortile d’Onore, Piano Nobile, Cortile dell’Orologio, Teatro Litta, and the Foyer. The protagonist of Cortile d’Onore will be Echo of the Pezo von Ellrichshausen studio, founded in Chile in 2002 by Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen. The pavilion puts man in the centre, as the subject and source of contemplation: the exterior, covered with a mirrored surface, reflects the baroque colonnade and the two upper orders that make up the courtyard of the building; in contrast, the interior reveals the sky, a natural element isolated from the city. The architecture is thus perceived as a shared and reflective experience and the relationship between art and architecture is revealed through an extremely recognizable visual echo. Important partners who chose to support Echo: first of all Piero Gandini (Chairman of The Design Holding and CEO of Flos) who personally believed in the project; the technical partners of Flos for the lighting of the external areas and the installation; B&B Italia, which created custom products for the Cortile d’Onore; De Castelli, internationally recognized for its expertise on metal, which made the installation; Salvatori, a design company specialized in the transformation of natural stone into furniture environments and accessories; finally, Musement for the booking and registration services for the entire event.

Address: Pozzato Mobili, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina, 17
Markus Benesch presents The Forgotten Workshop A new collection of furniture and wallcoverings for Curious Boy. Celebrating the playfulness of design in the studio’s unique choice of materials in a surreal – post-futuristic setting.
Address: Via Santa Maria Fulcorina, 20
The design is abstracted from the drawing, transformed and then realized. It’s Interior design, the result of a successful synergy between innovation and craftsmanship. Here you breathe the most natural and genuine artistic mood, where, now as then, a refined taste meets with creativity, tech expertise and experimentation. The purpose of the exhibition is about the research and study of decoration for Interior design, the Atelier has just been refurnished with our new collection of fabrics and wallpapers, and it will present the new brand Blue Velvet.
Address: Corso Magenta, 31
Conti Borbone and Evve Milano a fusion of design between classic and modern, far from each other but united by the passion for leather processing; Conti Borbone in its laboratories creates High-quality binding products in natural leather, more futuristic Evve Milano creates art jewelry in the field of leather goods using vegan leathers.
Conti Borbone will host in its laboratories the prestigious Evve Milano brand during the Design Week.

Address: Via San Nicolao, 3/A
Dare, and do it with style. Karman meets Lesley Luxury Vintage in Milan. Contemporary design and fashion get together for a trait d’union between two different, yet complementary realities. On one side, a business renovates lighting décor by pushing its boundaries, on the other side, a boutique updates style by selecting unique garments out of private wardrobes, giving them new life. When tradition meets innovation, the good star of sophistication shines with one eye on the future, the other on the detail.
Address: Corso Magenta, 22
Pérfume by Calé is the address of Artistic Perfumery in Milan that becomes spokesman in the dialogue between two artistic languages: Perfume and Sculpture. During the Design Week the wire sculptures by Fabrizio Pozzoli together with the perfume Caterina, olfactory dedication by Giuseppe Allegro to his mother who was a knitter, play out Materic Interlacement. The exhibition is full of contamination between touch, sight and smell, which have in common research and authenticity in the celebration of the woman as fulcrum of life.

Address: Via Boccaccio, 16
CROMONICHEL is an Italian company that works in the field of decorative metal
surface treatment for over 60 years. It has gained a long and solid experience at the
service of the most prestigious lighting furniture and furnishing accessories companies, with which it collaborates. During the Fuorisalone, CROMONICHEL opens the doors of its new Milan showroom to architects and design professionals, to let them know more about its production.
Address: Via Aurelio Saffi, 7
Open to Art is a biennial competition conceived and promoted by Officine Saffithat aims to recognize the role of ceramics in contemporary culture, art and design. 24 shortlisted artists – selected amongst 400 candidates over 45 nationalities – will be exhibited at Officine Saffi gallery from February 14th through April 18th 2019.



Address: Via Disciplini, 1
Mot Caché has its roots in a story that started in the eighteenth century, in France, where a goldsmith gives life to a new language: the language of precious stones. Erika Nicklas, the designer, takes inspiration by the ancient art of messages hidden in gemstones, to give shape to a collection of handcrafted jewels, which combines the codes of matter and color with the innate human need of communicating our feelings to the world, ingraining them over time. Every jewel, made in gold, becomes guardian of secrets and emotions, unveiled during the Milan Design Week, in the pulsating heart of 5VIE.

Address: Via dell’Unione, 4
Contemporary objects which originate from creativity and design, craftsmanship and local
cultures, with special attention to sustainability and upcycling.
Conceived by Bonati Sisters, WELCOME DESIGN gets five designer-makers together into the “Foto Studio Internazionale” venue, Galleria dell’Unione 4, Milan. The event is made in collaboration with FATTOAMANOCREMONA. Media partner: Inexhibit.com. A young designer-maker – selected through the “in.di calling | 01” open-call, organized by the online magazine Inexhibit.com – will have the opportunity to be part of WELCOME DESIGN and present one of his/ her works to the audience of Milan Design Week 2019

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