Arkana Cannabis Clean Foam Review

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Arkana is a polish brand I’ve been really enjoying for skincare and I tried the Arkana Cannabis Clean Foam, so here’s my full review after trying this cleanser foam for a couple of months.
I must confess that the first time I saw this product almost a year ago on the Cosmoprof, I thought that “cannabis” was quite a new thing as an ingredient, then I’ve noticed over the last months a lot of brands launching products using it on their formulation, and it became a trend on skincare lately.

The Arkana Cannabis Clean Foam contains Hemp (a variety of the cannabis Sativa plant) + Poppy oil. Cannabis Sativa oil is an antioxidant, and a super moisturizer, it has calming properties and provides deep hydration and revitalization for the skin. Therefore, it’s a great ingredient to be part of a skincare product. That’s an ingredient that has been more popular lately in many beauty products, from creams to oils, supplements, and even gummies that bring benefits to our skin and health.
So now back to the review of this cleanser foam that I’ve been really liking.

• Arkana Cannabis Clean Foam (200ml) Review:

Arkana Cannabis Clean Foam Review
I’m a big fan of foam products to use as a face cleanser, they are my favourite kind of product for washing my face morning and night. So I was happy to try this one.
I’ve been using the Arkana Cannabis Clean Foam over the last months both morning and night, so I could really try and put it to the test. This is a face and body foam, but I’ve been mainly using it on my face since it is recommended for dysfunctional and irritated skin and face skin is always more sensible.
This product is really gentle and it didn’t cause any irritation on my skin (which is quite sensible) and I also felt it didn’t leave any weird sensation (like those products that make your skin dry and you can feel it after removing the product), it actually leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, even using it twice a day.

Arkana Cannabis clean foam
Since I love wearing makeup, my skincare routine is really important and the cleaning and washing steps are always very important for my routine. I usually use a makeup remover and then a facial cleanser to wash my face with, but the Arkana Cannabis Clean Foam claims to remove the makeup too, so, of course, I put it to the test!
And I was so surprised! I actually just decided to try it today, before writing the review (no idea why I haven’t tried it before this way🙈), and I was so surprised how well it removed my makeup: full-face (foundation, highlighter, powder, eyeshadow and even my mascara). I washed my face with it, then I did a little test: with a cotton embedded with makeup remover, I checked how my skin was and the cotton went out clean! I can’t believe why I wasn’t just using it before.
Therefore, the final veridic is that I really like this foam cleanser by Arkana: it cleans well, removes makeup and doesn’t leave the skin dry.

• Ingredients list:
Arkana Cannabis Clean foam: ingredients

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* The product in this review was given by the brand, but, as always, all opinions here are my own real and sincere opinions after trying the product.

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